Alex's Magic Leaf

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Alex's Magic Leaf by Mind Map: Alex's Magic Leaf

1. Original Version

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. One poor man

1.1.2. Bad taxcollector

1.1.3. Emperor's son

1.2. Big Idea and Lesson

1.2.1. Don't try to get everything in the world.

1.3. Resolution

1.3.1. Son of emperor found him that have his magic leafs and he sent him to palace dungeon.

1.4. Problem

1.4.1. The taxcollector often takes taxes from everyone. So he took magic leafs from one poor man.

1.5. Settings

1.5.1. One chinese village

2. Modern Version

2.1. Settings

2.1.1. One city

2.2. Characters

2.2.1. A richest person in the city that was thief, one poor man, good man that wants to offer rooms and foods

2.3. Problem

2.3.1. The poor man who has very important things from primier to prime minister. But that greedy millionaire took it from him.

2.4. Resolution

2.4.1. The prime minister was traveling that province that he saw him in the village that the thief lives

2.5. Big Idea and Lesson

2.5.1. Don't be too greedy and try to take everybody's good things.