The Dream Catcher

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The Dream Catcher by Mind Map: The Dream Catcher

1. Original Version

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Spider

1.1.2. Kookum

1.1.3. Keeqwa

1.2. Setting

1.2.1. Kookums house

1.3. Big idea

1.3.1. If you give, you will recieve

1.4. Problem

1.4.1. Keeqwa wants to kill the spider

1.5. Resolution

1.5.1. Kookum says no, and protects the spider

2. Modern Version

2.1. Characters

2.1.1. Angus

2.1.2. Bob

2.1.3. Justin Beiber

2.2. Big idea

2.2.1. If you give, you will recieve

2.3. Problem

2.3.1. There is a bad business man (Justin Bieber) selling fake Ipads, Jabulani soccer balls, and his horrible albums

2.4. Solution

2.4.1. He goes to a shop which is actually his own, but is disguised and buys all the merchandise with his wealth from his shop, and discovers that he got tricked

2.5. Setting

2.5.1. A shop in a small town in the Southeast of Scotland