How a business can use web 2.0

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How a business can use web 2.0 by Mind Map: How a business can use web 2.0

1. What is web 2.0

1.1. Social networking

1.1.1. Facebook

1.1.2. My space

1.1.3. Twitter

1.2. Video

1.2.1. You tube

1.3. Wikis

1.3.1. Wikipedia

1.4. Blogs

1.4.1. Blogger

1.5. RSS

1.5.1. Really simple syncronisation

2. Reduce costs

2.1. Being able to deploy the application among a large number of users will stop companies from having to develop numerous client software programs.

2.2. All the clients will have the ability to access an application as soon as it is connected to a server.

3. Centralization

3.1. They will not have to worry about the installation process, and this will allow them to enjoy the benefits of using a deployment that is centralized.

4. Advertising

4.1. You don't have to hunt down your target audience. They don't have to hunt you down.

4.2. Getting word-of-mouth promotion through Internet social networking can expand your reach to unlimited customers you didn't know existed

4.3. increases your client base beyond geographical boundaries

4.4. The biggest advantage of Web 2.0 advertising its cost—free

4.5. give business total control over the image and style they create for themselves.

5. Social computing.

5.1. Wikis allow people to collaborate together, and this has traditionally only be possible when expensive software was purchased.

5.2. Blogging allows web users to participate in the creation of web content, and it is not necessary for them to be familiar with the underlying technology.