TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Human Birdwings

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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Human Birdwings by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Human Birdwings

1. ... Was it all over?

1.1. Skeptics

1.1.1. someone noted some computer animation being involved in the test flight

1.1.2. someone traced profile picture back to original original Jarno

2. Navigation

2.1. Back to overview map

3. About

3.1. ... this map

3.1.1. Use the + and - buttons to expand/ collapse topics

3.1.2. Hover over the notes icon to read attached notes

3.1.3. Look our for link icons like this one get more information

3.2. ...the author

3.2.1. Floris Kaayk

3.2.2. Interview with Frenk van der Linden

3.3. ...this talk

3.3.1. Themes

3.3.2. Related talks

3.3.3. Reactions

3.3.4. watch this talk on YouTube

4. Being able to fly like a bird

4.1. with flapping wings...

4.2. we've all dreamed about it

4.3. what would it feel like?

5. The Human Birdwings project

5.1. started from my dream of flying

5.2. fictional story

5.2.1. taking place on internet http://humanbirdwings.net/

5.2.2. during 8 weeks

5.2.3. using alter ego Jarno Smeets

5.2.4. one goal: flying with his own big wings

5.3. structure of the story

5.3.1. Sketching, building and designing a recoltionary flapping wings systems

5.3.2. elements of Jarno's personal life

5.4. shared on a diary-like weblog

5.4.1. progress of wings

5.4.2. shared research

5.4.3. talking about his personal life

5.4.4. post 14 YouTube videos

5.5. asked followers to help in last video

6. The next steps...

6.1. decided to create more fictional characters

6.1.1. leading to a more energetic story

6.2. got some media attention

6.2.1. 3 page interview in Humo Floris: felt very unconfortable fear of being unmasked felt bad misleading people Jarno: felt very honored

6.2.2. financial times

6.2.3. techcrunch

6.2.4. engadget

6.3. caused exponential growth in followers

6.4. climax of the story: testing the wings

6.4.1. only being lifted 15 centrmeter

6.4.2. Jarno: dissapointed

6.4.3. media: great succes

6.4.4. Wired analysed the testflight

7. the finale

7.1. keeping quiet

7.1.1. only upating the true followers about the wing making process

7.2. then releasing the video of the succesful test flight

7.2.1. within 24 hours completely exploded on the internet

7.2.2. news broadcasters from all over the world wanted to talk to jarno about this succesful test flight

7.3. news broadcasters started to rip the video and use in their news items

7.4. ILM (a special effects company) discovered the computer animation in the video

7.4.1. spreaded this all over the world

7.5. the Flying Dutchman became the Lying Dutchman

7.5.1. most of the responses were very positive

7.5.2. some peole were very dissapointed feeling cheated feeling that their dreams were crushed

8. learnings

8.1. I don't want to act again

8.2. I don't want to lie again

8.3. This was a very succesful way of reaching millions of people

8.4. the dream is still a dream, because the whole project was fiction