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Solution Outline by Mind Map: Solution Outline
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Solution Outline

1. Buy In

A. Need of Pedagogical Change

B. Blended Learning Environments

4. Filming Techniques

A. Cell Phone

B. Tablet

C. Digital Photography Camera

D. Digital Video Camera

E. DSLR Camera

F. Web Camera

G. Screen Casting

3. Video & Editing Processes

A. One Step

B. Two Step

C. Three Step

2. The Basics

A. Storage & Streaming

B. Video Equipment

C. Hardware

D. Software

5. Editing

A. Windows Movie Maker

B. Adobe Creative Cloud

6. Posting

A. You Tube

B. Blogs & Websites

C. LMS - Learning Management Systems

7. Team Productions

A. Video

B. Editing

C. Web Development