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SQL Server BI and Azure by Mind Map: SQL Server BI and Azure
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SQL Server BI and Azure


SQL Server Business Intelligence in Azure Virtual Machines

Reporting Services report viewer control and Microsoft Azure virtual machine based report servers

Use ReportViewer in a Web Site Hosted in Azure

Includes different kinds of authentication types

ReportViewer for MVC


1. Your own license

2. Pay as you go

SQL Images in Azure

Installed features in the SQL Server 2012 Images

Reporting Services Native Mode

Analysis Services Multidimensional and Data mining (OLAP)

Support for

SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2014

Best pratices for installing the SQL Server in Azure

Deployment Topologies

1. Single VM

2. Two VM:s

3. VM and Azure SQL Database

4. Hybrid Azure/OnPrem

Configure Reporting Service