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Bend EcoVillage or new name?! by Mind Map: Bend EcoVillage or new name?!
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Bend EcoVillage or new name?!

I like the simplicity of it - it is place specific (Bend) and yet can exist in this virtual space as well as in a physical space (which we have yet to find lol). Plus the acronym is sweet! I think our leader should be called "Wally"

Google Groups forums

Google Events Calendar

Calendar from each portal

project pages (possibly separate pages linked to CEP portal?)

BEE currency

food coop

garden/food production

progressive/democratic education



I would suggest deleting from here if "The Temple" is adopted

resource sharing/recycling


Image/video gallery




Bend EcoVillage governance (meeting minutes, policies, etc.)



The Temple

would this be a page on the main navigation sidebar with spiritual content, or a page with the "products" tab? What is the content? I was thinking that Spirituality is such a major point of reference and encompases such a wide range of interests that it would benefit from having its own place/tab?/focus - I think a lot of people that are otherwise uninterested in operational aspects of the Eco Village will be drawn into the Village just by the attraction of greater spiritual connection... thus "The Temple" which for me is an umbrella phrase that is accessible and somewhat neutral.... cool!

Stratigic Planning Process

Visit Lost Valley in Eugene

Narrow Focus and Create Vision/Mission

Adopt Goverenace and conflict resolution model

Adopt Legal Status

Adopt Financial Model

Create Goals with Specific Objectives to be completed by individuals

Community Liaison

Responsible for outreach to other communities/organizations within Bend. Integration with other communities - for example local arts groups that might have members wishing to become involved with Locavore... Provides contact information Annnnd just how is the BEV related to the CEP?

Member Directory


Barter exchange