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Idioms with parts of body by Mind Map: Idioms with parts of body
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Idioms with parts of body


give ones right arm

to be willing, to give something grat value for someone or something

Example: He would give his right arm to have a new house.He would give his right arm to have a new house.

keep someone at arms lenght

keep someone at a distance.

Example:I can't stand her, that's why I keep her at arm's length.

with open arms

with affection or enthusiasm

Example: After all that had happened, it was only natural that they didn't welcome him with open arms.


behind someones back

If you do something behind someone's back, you do it without letting them know about it.

Example: We've taught our kids that it's impolite to talk about people behind their backs.

see the back of something

get rid of something unpleasant. If you work hard next week, you'll see the back of this job.

Example: Sheila can't wait to see the back of this project, she can't stand it any longer.

put someones back up

If you put or get someone's back up, you annoy them.

Example: he does it deliberately, even though she knows I don't like it, just to get my back up.

put ones back into something

work very hard at something

Example: She put her back into it and got good results

Get off my back!

To tell somebody to get off your back means to ask them to stop finding faults or criticizing you


get someones blood up

gets someone irish, to get someone get ungry

Example: It gets my blood up to see how bad behaved those children are

be in someones blood

llevar algo en la sangre

Example: She´s really good at dancing. It must be in her blood


make no bones about something

to say dearly what you think or feel altough you may embarrase or offend someone

Example:Tom made no bones about wanting to be promoted

back of bones

To say that someone is a bag of bones means that they are extremely thin

Example: When he came home from the war he was a bag of bones

Throw someone a bone

If you throw someone a bone, you say something kind or reward them in some way to make them feel good

Example: The old man can't help very much but Bill throws him a bone now and then to keep him happy