Nobody Owens and his key relationships

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Nobody Owens and his key relationships by Mind Map: Nobody Owens and his key relationships

1. The man Jack

1.1. What is his relationship with Bod?

1.1.1. He was sent by mysterious organization to kill Bod's whole family.

1.2. How does Bod feel about him?

1.2.1. When Bod first learns about him, he wants vengeance. In page 181 of the book, Bod says, '' If I go outside in the world, the question isn't 'who will keep me safe from him... It's who will keep him safe from me?''

1.2.2. Later, when Scarlett is in danger, page 262-263 of the book. Bod begins to feel a fear of Jack because although

1.3. How did Nobody Owens kill him?

1.3.1. In page 284 of the book. ''The Sleer twined about him, and in a huge crushing movement, engulfed the man Jack in its coil.

2. Jack of All Trades

2.1. Why did they want to kill Bod and his family?

2.1.1. For their own protecton. In page 270-271 of the book, ''We killed you for protection. Long time ago, one of our people.....That if this child grew to adulthood it would mean the end of our orders and all we stand for''.

2.2. How did Nobody Owens kill them?

2.2.1. In page 186 of the book. ''One of them's at the bottom of the deep grave, with a broken ankle. The other three are, well, they're a long way away''.(long way away)= in the deep hole below the ghoul-gate.)

3. Silas

3.1. What is his relationship with Bod?

3.1.1. A guardian. In page 23-24 of the book. Silas say, ''I shall be his guardian. I shall remain... bringing the child food and looking after him''.

3.1.2. Silas named him. Silas say, ''Then nobody it is. Nobody Owens.''

3.2. How does Bod feel about him?

3.2.1. Bod was happy to see him. In page 97 of the book. ''But he was Silas , and Bod was happy to see him, and even happier when Silas gave him a present...''

3.2.2. Bod wants to be with Silas always together and Bod loves his accpompany. In page 149-150, ''Bod wanted to embrace his guardian.... but the action was unthinkable .Bod says ''But you''ll always be here, Silas, won't you?...''

3.2.3. Bod cares for him and also treats Silas as his dad. In page 203, ''Bod looked at the face of the fallen-.... frantically, desperately.'' Bod also says ''Dad? Then he said, You killed him....''

3.2.4. Bod also depends on Silas when he faces troubles or danger and he needed help. In page 264 of the book, Bod says ''I wish Silas was here. He'd make short work of them.''

3.2.5. Bod saw him like was something big that can fly. In the page in 201 of the book. ''Something huge was flying through the air, above the car..... like the strobing flight of a bat.

3.2.6. Bod trust Silas. In the page in 303 of the book. ''It did not even crossed Bod's mind to wonder if his guardian was lying or joking. He knew that he was being told the truth.

4. Mr. Owens and Mrs. Owens

4.1. What is his relationship with Bod?

4.1.1. Parents. In page 17 of the book, Mr. Owens says ''Then yes. If you'll be its mother, I'll be its father.''

4.2. How does they help in the life of Bod? & Did they care for him?

4.2.1. Mr. Owens comfort him in a positive manner. In page 73 of the book. ''Mr. Owens simply shrugged and started telling Bod... learned about all the useful things that Bod was learning.''

4.2.2. They told him about their life experience. In page 230 of the book. ''Bod talked to Mr. Owens about this, and, after a few moments' reflection... really, it was.''

4.2.3. They care and worry for Bod. In page 96, Mrs. Owens says ''I can't say I didn't worry, for I did. But he's back now, and that's all that matters.''

4.2.4. Mrs. Owens told Bod truths. In page 217 of the book, Mrs. Owens says ''Silas told me the man who killed your family was called Jack.''

5. Scarlett Amber Perkins

5.1. What is her relationship with Bod?

5.1.1. They are friends. In the page 41 of the book, Scarlett says '' And you're my friend. So you can't be a stranger.''

5.2. How does Bod feel about her?

5.2.1. At then end of the story, only then Bod knows that he liked her. In page 289 of the book, Bod says ''I liked her.''

5.2.2. Bod thinks of the past Scarlett was very brave. In page 228 of the book, Bod says ''You were really brave. We went deep into the hill and saw the Indigo Man. And we met the Sleer.''

5.3. What did they experience together?

5.3.1. They played together. In page 42 of the book. ''Play - hide-and-seek, sometimes, or climbing things...old chapel.''

6. The Sleers

6.1. How Bod feel and react to the Sleer?

6.1.1. He felt weird and uncomfortable. In page 55 of the book. ''The hairs on the back of Bod's neck began to prickle. The voice in his head was something very old and very dry,.....more than one voice there, that they were talking in unison.'' Also, ''the inside of Bod's head felt as id it were filled with cobwebs..... trying to clesr it.''

6.1.2. But slowly, Bod did not fear the Sleer. In the page 115-116 of the book, Bod says ''I don't fear you.'' Bod even heed advice from the Sleer. In page 249 of the book, Bod says ''You're the oldest thing here. I came to talk to you. I want advice.''

7. Miss Lupescu

7.1. How does Bod feel about her?

7.1.1. At first sight, Bod did not have a good impression. In page 66 of the book. ''Miss Lupescu was not pretty. Her face was pinched and her expression was disapproving..... She wore a bulky mackintosh and a man's tie around her neck.''

7.1.2. At the sight when she saved him, she looked like a dog. In the page of 92-93 of the book, ''That big dog was actually Miss Lupescu.''

7.2. What has Miss Lupescu do for Bod?

7.2.1. She teach him. In the page in 72 of the book.'' She taught him nothing but ways to call for help in every language in the world.'' Also in the page of 95 of the book, ''I teach you the names of the stars and their constellations.''

7.2.2. Miss Lupescu also took care and protect Bod from any dangers. In the page in 98 of the book, Bod sys ''Miss Lupescu looked after me. I was never in any danger.'' Also saved him his life in the page in 94 of the book. ''This is the third time the night-gaunts have saved your life, Bod. The first time when you called for help, and they heard..... The night-gaunts dealt with the matter silently. And now this.''

7.2.3. To save Bod, Miss Lupescu fell. In the page in 247 of the book. ''Miss Lupescu stumbled and fell.'' Miss Lupescu said, ''You must leave me. Save the boy.'' Therefore, Miss Lupescu was ready to sacrifice herself in order to let Bod live.

8. Liza Hempstock

8.1. How does Bod feel about her?

8.1.1. She looked just like a normal woman. In the page in 109 of the book. ''She was older than him, but not a grown-up, and she looked neither friendly nor unfriendly....She had a face that was intelligent and not even a little beautiful.

8.1.2. In page 284 of the book. ''The Sleer twined about him, and in a huge crushing movement, engulfed the man Jack in its coil.

8.2. How did she help Bod when he needs help?

8.2.1. She made him fade away, not letting be caught by the bad guys. In the page in 132 of the book. ''Something huge touched him, brushed him from head to feet...And we don't forget.''