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elections by Mind Map: elections
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why me?

As for me it should be strong enough and active person to manage and unite so many people. And one more thing is to be self-motivated. Of course there are a lot of important qualities but these are the main. About myself. This is my last year in AIESEC E&G and I really highly-motivated to make huge impact, to build the strongest team, to make the best results. I have to be active to achieve all planned in 1 year, to work with my soul and heart. To be strong. Everything depends on your final decision, I understood it quiet well in OCP position and ready to implement it in my LCP work. Culture. I`m rather old member  to feel the culture of our LC so it`s the time to create it.

First of all leadership is about having Vision. Leader help a team to build very strong Vision. Each teamster should desire Vision. Next step – help the team to achieve this Vision. That’s the work of leader.


Middle management

International networking

Financial sustainability


strenght & weakness

Team-management skill as creating 1 team=1 soul. Good delegating Focus on the results Strategy thinking

Sometimes too many attentions to the details Give more flexibility to team-members.

numerical goals

105 + 120 X

200 members

12 x+l

40 leadership