The Image Church Discipleship Paths

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The Image Church Discipleship Paths by Mind Map: The Image Church Discipleship Paths

1. Eldership Path

1.1. House Leader

1.1.1. Be a man who meets the qualifications of 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1 Discuss your desire to become an elder with an elder Elders / Board of Directors approve to become an "Elder Candidate"

2. Mission Member Path

2.1. Be Batized

2.2. Join a House

2.2.1. Be Discipled Disciple Others

2.3. Join a Serve Team

2.4. Give to the Mission

2.5. Attend Mission Members Training

2.5.1. Mission Member Application and Covenant Mission Member Installation

3. House Leadership Path

3.1. Mission Member

3.1.1. House Apprentice Gospel Centered Life Study Gospel Centered Community Study Application Head Coach Interview Approved Approved With Conditions Wait

4. Deacon Path

4.1. Join a Serve Team

4.1.1. Mission Member Serve Team Apprentice Deacon Application Servant Leadership Training Gospel Centered Life Study