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The Image Church Discipleship Paths by Mind Map: The Image Church Discipleship Paths
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The Image Church Discipleship Paths

Eldership Path

House Leader

Mission Member Path

Be Batized

Join a House

We have House Parties across the city. Check one out, find one you like, and join the house!

Join a Serve Team

Want to get more involved in the life of the church? Contact a Team Lead below or simply come early to church on Sundays. (Pre Service Prayer & Meeting starts at 9:15am). Image Kids - Morgan Hospitality/Greeting - Aly Worship/Production - Redner Areas Of Need • Image Kids Volunteers • Hospitality/Greeters • Security Guards • Worship/Music Team • Facilities Manager* • Ministry Operations Assistant* *email for more info

Give to the Mission

Attend Mission Members Training

We have Mission Members Training every quarter. Be on the look out for the next one.

House Leadership Path

Our "Houses" are co-led by a man and a woman. The man and woman are responsible for creating a discipleship culture among the men and women. The house leaders are not responsible for discipling each person in the group, but to help each person be discipled within the house and make disciples. Often smaller groups of disciples gather during the week apart from their weekly house parties to go deeper. Each House Leader also has a coach, we have male and female coaches.

Mission Member

Deacon Path

Join a Serve Team