Center for innovative Teaching and Learning "Under-construction"

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Center for innovative Teaching and Learning "Under-construction" by Mind Map: Center for innovative  Teaching and Learning "Under-construction"

1. ZID Description of the center

1.1. Short historical context

1.1.1. Starts in 2013: fusion of two existent centers

1.1.2. Research team was part of one of the old centers

1.2. Goals of the center

1.2.1. Improvement of teaching quality

1.2.2. Students competence development

1.3. offers

1.3.1. Teaching

1.3.2. Continue Education

1.3.3. Research and development

1.3.4. Services: Consultancy and advice

2. CiTL Strategies

2.1. Current educational offers and services

2.1.1. Lunch & Learn

2.1.2. CAS in University Teaching

2.1.3. Continue Education Courses

2.1.4. Continue Education (on demand)

2.2. active work in progress...

2.2.1. CiTL Good teaching practice principles SML eLearning strategies Re-design of "CAS in University teaching" - departamental level

2.2.2. CAS in University Teaching - expertise validation team - university level

2.3. Research

2.3.1. Evaluation of implementations

2.3.2. Comparative studies

2.3.3. Educational innovation support - Implementation of new "Mobile and flexible learning" modality

3. Institutional transformation process - Switzerland... a work in progress

3.1. Bologna reform triggers: - Educational innovation - Technology-Enhanced Learning

3.2. Creation of SFDN

3.2.1. 22 associated swiss centers

3.2.2. Creation of SIGs in different areas - - Teaching Education, - Curriculum development, - others...

4. Challenge: Supporting educational innovation

4.1. Organizational perspective - Challenges

4.1.1. Top Down strategies of implementing eLearning

4.1.2. Lack of educational innovation management

4.2. Educational design research - A multipurpose solution

4.2.1. Interventionist and systemic process - Ensuring innovation success

4.2.2. teachers and researchers working together - Professional development

4.2.3. systemic view of the process - Implementation support

4.2.4. progressive improvement of teaching practice and learning theories - Improving transferability of experiences

4.2.5. Reflective practice - Teachers' competence development