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Chapter 4: Marketing on the Web by Mind Map: Chapter 4: Marketing on the Web
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Chapter 4: Marketing on the Web

Web Marketing

Product-Based Strategies

This is very useful for customers who already know the product they want.

Customer-Based Strategies

Trust and Media Selection

The web can be regarded as either personal contact or mass media. Depends on the marketer for which model they will use.  For the purposes of this course, we are focusing on personal contact.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation helps to develop certain portals tailored to each individual who visits or purchases from the site.

The Long Tail

This states that most profit comes from the popular products that a company sells, this leads to companies ignoring the "long tail" which is a number of different products that arent as successful as the "head" but collectively they actually make more profit.

Consumer Behaviour


Relationship Marketing

Consumer Strategies


this is associated with the cost of getting someone to your site.


how much is it going to take to convert someone from a browser to a buyer?


trying to get them to be committed to always think of your company first when looking to buy something.

Advertising Strategies

Banner Ads

pop up ads

Active ads

Interstitial ads

a short commercial before an audio clip or video clip

Site Sponsorship

more customized advertising

Problems - measuring effectiveness

how do we measure the effectiveness of a web site

email and CRM Strategies

Permission Marketing

when someone actually signs up to receive emails

Content and Advertising

Newsletter style but has some advertising built in.

Outsourcing processing

analytic processes

eCRM Solutions

tech enabled relationship management

Branding Strategies

Leverage and consolidation

when a large company takes over a small one

Affiliate marketing

a commissioned sales person.

Viral Marketing

basically WOM marketing through tech

Search Engine Strategies

Search Engines

Web Directories

SEO for Keywords

Search Engine Optimization - can ensure that your company is at the start of the list on a search

Paid Inclusion

payment for a keyword

Blogs, social media sites, forums

domain names


CPM ads

CPC ads

CPT ads