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Idea Zone by Mind Map: Idea Zone

1. My Geistesblitzes


2.1. Code Brainstorming

2.1.1. Do I need to write a new JSON for all objects in the river? Time consuming Code changes coming soon with 1.8

2.2. Plugins

2.2.1. EBS (Emergency Broadcast system) Show 'emergency' type message to users Dismissable If message exists, load on every page

3. Elgg Todos

3.1. Rubric Builder

3.1.1. Check out:

3.1.2. Allow for mutiple rows

3.1.3. Start with basic grid

3.2. Geo

3.2.1. Google API!


3.3. MindMeister

3.3.1. MM Api

3.3.2. Only need activity list for now

3.4. Rest API

4. New node