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Francis Pisani: Covering networks: a challenge for journalists by Mind Map: Francis Pisani: Covering networks: a challenge for journalists
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Francis Pisani: Covering networks: a challenge for journalists

Networks have been constantly gaining in relevance in the last ten years. Even when we don"t notice, they constantly fill the news, from terrorists organizations to the way we fight epidemics and the flows of the global economy.  Three main reasons explain this trend: the penetration of Information and Communication Technologies (ITC) which work on a network infrastructure according to a network logic; thanks to these ITC which allow horizontal communication, networks as a form of social organization are becoming more efficient than hierarchies; the emergence of a new science of networks allaws us to understand better how they work and to pay more attention to them. This is becoming a challenge for journalists because networks are harder to cover (no boundary, no headquarter, no spokesperson, among other reasons), and because they operate on a logic that we have not been trained to understand. The objective of these sessions is to bring the attention to the importance of network related news, give some elements that allow understanding better how they operate, and provide a basic toolkit for journalists to cover them as efficiently as we have learned to cover traditional institutions. We will do this through rapid case studies, interviews with a couple of network specialists and some exercises.

1 - Networks today

Networks we hear about today and how they are covered

Are they more important? And why?


2 - Challenges for journalists

Coverage issues

The problem with not understanding networks


3 - How to cover networks : A toolkit

Networks basics


Final discussion: How can we cover networks?