Freudian Philosophy

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Freudian Philosophy by Mind Map: Freudian Philosophy

1. Oedipus Complex

1.1. Freud believed that children (in particular males) want to sexually possess the mother and destroy the father.

1.1.1. The mother is thought of as being the child's first lover and thus the main concern of the child. Once the child sees that the father has taken some of that "love" or taken the source of gratification the child begins to want to destroy the father in order to have all the love and attention to themselves. The mother is the first person who supplies the child with gratification. This familiarity can be seen when people say to others "you look familiar" when trying to "pick each other up". When the child grows up they tend to try and find mates who remind them of their mother.

1.2. Females also experience (often called the Electra Complex) however this is experienced to a lighter extent.

2. Penis Envy

2.1. Females realize that they do not have something males have, a penis.

2.1.1. The girl upon realizing that she does not have a penis begins feeling inferior. New node

3. Tail Envy

3.1. Very similar to "Penis Envy" tail envy is something that all people experience.

3.1.1. Tail envy is when humans see animals and realize that they are not covered by a tail and thus are in some way inferior and become envious of the tails of animals.

4. Sexual/Aggressive Drives

4.1. According to Freud human beings are controlled by sexual and aggressive drives.

4.1.1. Aggressive drives can be seen when people engage in any violent sports.

4.1.2. Sexual drives are seen everywhere in advertisements. Although civilization tries to repress sexual desires these desires are realized in advertisements and in other media.