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Dramatism by Mind Map: Dramatism
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Religious connotation, but secularized

Words about words

possibly a methodology

Words have real, if immaterial force

Reality of rhetorical form, performance of/through language, symbolic motivation


Ideograph, Manifestation of ideology, Building block of ideology, diachronic - history linking past meanings to present ones, synchronic - links between ideologies in the present, Appeals to higher a higher order allows for understanding; yet, variations that are culture dependent create differences in perceptions of higher order ideographs (e.g. survival of the body vs. survival of the soul)

Associated logics for critical inquiry


chained out

eventually becoming a rhetorical vision

pentadic analysis

act, scene, etc.

ratios determine perspective

Narrative paradigm

Not so much a methodology, but a different perspective on humanity's social activity, narrative fidelity, narrative probability

synthetic; incorporates/explains traditional views of rationality

Problems addressed

Nature of humanity

symbol using/misusing animal, Action/motion, conscious, unconscious, Action is fundamentally social; we always orient ourselves towards others, Culture, Public

self as a polarity, physical being, symbolic self; identity

Nature of the world