Chafyngrove ICT

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Chafyngrove ICT by Mind Map: Chafyngrove ICT

1. Reception

1.1. Mouse skills

1.2. Keyboard skills

1.3. Creating images

1.4. Using the computer

1.5. Using apps and programs

2. Year 1

2.1. Using the network

2.1.1. Independently log onto the network

2.1.2. Be able to save work

2.1.3. Print work

2.2. Using mouse and keyboard

2.2.1. Develop accuracy of movement with the mouse. Click and draw skills

2.2.2. Increase speed of typing

2.3. Creating images

2.3.1. Drawing images, using a greater range of tools

2.4. Giving instructions

2.4.1. Beebots, controlling an onscreen character

2.5. Using the internet

2.5.1. Finding information Find information on a provided web page or document

3. Year 3

3.1. Giving and sequencing instructions

3.1.1. Logo, light-bot

3.2. Combining text and graphics

3.2.1. Create a range of documents using office

3.3. Researching information

3.3.1. Find information on the internet, initially using suggested websites

3.3.2. Begin to design search terms to receive useful, relevant information

3.4. Using emails

3.4.1. Send emails

3.4.2. Share work via email

3.5. Keyboard skills

3.5.1. Touch typing skills (short practice, often)

3.6. Editing Images

3.6.1. Altering images to create new ones

3.6.2. Combining a number of images together

4. Year 4

4.1. Creating games and activities

4.1.1. Programming using scratch

4.2. Researching information

4.2.1. Increasingly independent research, setting search terms that will get relevant information

4.3. Presenting to audiences

4.3.1. Present information to the class.

4.3.2. Presentation skills

4.4. Giving instructions

4.4.1. Recognising that instructions have to be detailed and precise

4.4.2. Use repeat instructions

4.4.3. My robot friends

4.5. Communicating with different audiences

4.5.1. Communication styles, formal and informal

4.6. Stop motion animation

5. Year 5

5.1. 2d and 3d modelling

5.1.1. Combining layers and ordering shapes in PowerPoint to make 2d images

5.1.2. Using sketchup to make 3d images

5.2. Creating games and activities

5.2.1. Programming using kodu

5.2.2. Test a program given to them and work out where the errors are

5.3. Communicating and collaborating

5.3.1. Use the vle to share documents and work collaboratively with others

5.4. Using spreadsheets

5.4.1. Csi databases Filter information from a spreadsheet to find answers to questions

5.4.2. Cost model/party planner Introduction to the calculating functions of excel

5.5. Interactive Quizzes

5.5.1. Use Hyperlinks to create an interactive activity

6. Year 6

6.1. Arduino programming

6.1.1. Giving instructions to an external device

6.1.2. Use waits and loops

6.2. Collaborating online

6.2.1. Use the vle to share documents to be worked on as a group

6.3. Recording and editing videos

6.3.1. Record and edit sports videos.

6.3.2. Analysis of video footage

6.4. What makes up a computer?

6.4.1. Take a PC to pieces and make a document about its parts

6.5. Computer networks

6.5.1. What is a network?

6.5.2. How do they work?

6.6. Animation?

6.6.1. Flash animation?

6.6.2. Stop motion animation with green screen

7. Year 7

7.1. Band project

7.1.1. Websites Collaborative website for a band

7.1.2. Image editing Create posters, brochures and other advertising

7.1.3. Finding information Research venues, cities and countries

7.1.4. Creating spreadsheet models Cost out the tour and arrange ticket prices

7.1.5. Sound and video editing Create an interview with the band

7.2. Boolean logic and representing numbers

8. Year 8

8.1. Video editing

8.1.1. Create a short, personal leavers video

8.2. Website development

8.2.1. Program a website in HTML

8.3. Programming searches and loops

8.3.1. Understand common loops in computing and how they work

8.3.2. Understand how a PC can search for information

8.3.3. Compare different methods

8.4. 3D Modelling

8.4.1. Create an advanced 3D model of the school

9. Nursery

9.1. Mouse skills

9.2. Keyboard skills

9.3. Creating images

9.4. Using the computer

9.5. Using apps and programs

10. Year 2

10.1. Using the network

10.1.1. Find and access shared resources

10.1.2. Save work to personal and shared folders

10.2. Using mouse and keyboard

10.2.1. Build accuracy with the mouse and understanding of right click functions

10.2.2. Develop speed of typing

10.3. Finding information and images

10.3.1. Use the internet to find images

10.3.2. Find and share information on a web page

10.4. Creating images

10.4.1. Drawing pictures with increasing quality

10.4.2. Combining shapes and objects to make an image

10.5. Giving instructions

10.5.1. Bee bots, programmable devices, on-screen characters

10.6. Combining text and graphics

10.6.1. Begin to create and share work