Ray Guyot Project Definition ***POP Example***

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Ray Guyot Project Definition ***POP Example*** by Mind Map: Ray Guyot Project Definition ***POP Example***

1. Overall reasons for selecting the niche

1.1. Communicators and business presenters are struggling to reach their audiences

1.1.1. The tools are not working like they did - Misuse of PowerPoint and and everyone is suffering from information overload and extreme competition for their attention

1.1.2. Audiences are continuously inundated with information and the communication process tethered to PPT text intensive presentations just adds more to the overload

1.1.3. audiences want more they want synthesis and insights not more raw data and information dumps they want context and messages customized to their needs they want value on their terms they want to participate and connect to the process and content

1.2. Communication is the 'lightning rod' and 'communication conduit' for all business and organizational work and projects

1.2.1. meetings and presentations

1.2.2. conferences, seminars, workshops

1.2.3. no. of presentations given within meetings is in the millions daily

1.3. Mindmapping and the 'vizthink' movement is gaining popularity and broader adoption

1.4. 'communicating better with visual maps' addresses the needs and issues listed above

1.4.1. key word search and exploration reveals tremendous activity in the communication area of IMPROVEMENT

1.4.2. 'visual maps' is an opportunity to be unique and provide solutions to the customer needs

1.4.3. communicators want better tools and processes to get their message delivered with impact and shared more effectively

2. Niche - Positioning

2.1. Improving Your Visual Communication Skills with Visual Maps

2.2. Possible related niches and sub-niches

2.2.1. Visual Communication Techniques

2.2.2. Effective Visual Communication

2.2.3. Visual Communication Program

2.2.4. Visual Communication Tools

2.2.5. Visual Communication Methods

2.2.6. Visual Presentation Skills

2.2.7. Visual PowerPoint Presentation

3. Target Audience

3.1. How To Use VISUAL MAPS to:

3.1.1. those who need to Simplify and clarify their messages Organize large quantities of information Explain complex ideas and processes Gain audience acceptance for their ideas Help audience understand their message Overcome audience resistance and preconceptions

3.1.2. Those who need help to overcome communication barriers Outline and prepare their message and tell their story Create a presentation communication strategy Visualize and illustrate their message Customize their messages to various audiences Respond to audience questions and connect their responses to their presentation Address audience needs and wants

3.1.3. Those who need to improve their communication skills (learning 'how to' and 'why to') Strategize their approach Plan their message and assemble content Organize the content and communication flow/path Create Messages and Themes Develop their narrative Asses and balance Idea and Message Flow Add creative themes and visual metaphors Visualize their content and message Navigate content and the map structure Respond to Interruptions and Content Deviations Interact with audience Summarize content and adopt a Sensemaking approach Master visual technologies and tools to deliver effective results

4. Competitors

4.1. Presentation Experts

4.1.1. ProPoint Graphics http://www.propointgraphics.com/presentations.html?source=goog-search--presentation_consultant&gclid=CKj0l8fAz58CFZdM5QodwCMZzg

4.1.2. Distinction Services http://www.distinction-services.com/

4.1.3. Terberg Design http://www.terbergdesign.com/home.htm

4.1.4. Ethos3 http://www.ethos3.com/

4.1.5. Rexi Media http://www.reximedia.com/

4.1.6. m62 visualcommunications http://www.m62.net/

4.1.7. The Presentation Team http://www.presentationteam.com/

4.1.8. Speaking about Presenting http://www.speakingaboutpresenting.com/

4.1.9. RethinkPresentations

4.2. Public-speaking Consultants

4.2.1. Decker Communications http://www.decker.com/ http://decker.com/blog/

4.2.2. Jerry Weissman http://powerltd.com/

4.3. Mindmapping Consultants

4.3.1. Wallace Tait http://visualmapper.blogspot.com/ http://www.hypershifters.com/about/hypershifters-experts

4.3.2. Arjen ter Hoeve http://mindmapsunleashed.com/

4.3.3. Adam Sicinski http://iqmatrix.com/

4.3.4. Radiant Minds http://www.radiantminds.ca/index.html

4.3.5. MacGrercy Consultants http://www.macgrercy.com/training-mindmapping.html

4.3.6. http://www.rethinkpresentations.com/

5. Allies

6. Keyword Analysis

6.1. What key word search has revealed

6.1.1. what people want improve and improving better

6.1.2. what they want to improve communication presentation presentations (the communication package) communication and presentation skills advanced good effective business better

6.1.3. what element or dimension is added to 'communication' and 'presentation' communicate and communicating 'visually' using 'visual maps' mindmaps and mindmapping concept maps and conceptmapping other forms of maps and mapping

6.1.4. how they see getting what they need 'how to' information and assistance seminars workshops

6.1.5. Other 'communication' related words barrier and barriers strategies process

6.2. Improving Communication Skills with Visual Maps

6.2.1. For:

6.2.2. Visual Teaching

6.2.3. Visual Teaching Tools

6.2.4. Visual Learning

6.2.5. Meetings

6.2.6. Presentations

6.2.7. Conferences

6.2.8. Seminars

6.2.9. Workshops

6.2.10. Sales Seminars

6.3. Improving Visual Communication Skills with Visual Maps

6.3.1. Possible related niches and sub-niches

6.3.2. Visual Communication Techniques

6.3.3. Effective Visual Communication

6.3.4. Visual Communication Program

6.3.5. Visual Communication Tools

6.3.6. Visual Communication Methods

6.3.7. Visual Presentation Skills

6.3.8. Visual PowerPoint Presentation

6.4. Improving Presentations Skills with Visual Maps

6.4.1. Visual Presentation Skills Workshops

6.4.2. Presentation Skills Seminars

7. Site Name and Domain

7.1. visualmappingguide.com and .org

7.2. visualmappingmethod.com and .org

7.3. visualmappinguniversity.com and .org

7.4. Misc.

7.4.1. viz

7.4.2. the visual mapper

7.4.3. visual communication map

7.4.4. the visual communicator

7.4.5. visual mapping university

7.4.6. mindmapping university

7.4.7. The Visual Mapping Guide thevisualmappingguide visualmappingguide visualmapping thevisualmappingadvisor visualmappingadvisor thevisiblemappingadvisor visiblemappingadvisor thevisiblemappingguide visiblemappingguide

7.4.8. The Visual Mapping Guy

7.4.9. The Visual Mapping Guide thevisualmappingguide visualmappingguide visualmapping thevisualmappingadvisor visualmappingadvisor thevisiblemappingadvisor visiblemappingadvisor thevisiblemappingguide visiblemappingguide

7.4.10. visualmappingguide.com visualmaps visualguidemaps advancedvisualmaps improvedvisualmaps dynamicvisualmaps enhancedvisualmaps creatingvisualmaps

7.4.11. visual mapping visualmappingtools dynamicvisualmapping visualmappingtechniques advancedvisualmapping improvedvisualmapping

7.4.12. visual mapping visualmappingtools dynamicvisualmapping visualmappingtechniques advancedvisualmapping improvedvisualmapping

8. Community

9. Business