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1. Footer

1.1. Plan your trip

1.2. How to Ride MARTA

1.3. Advertise with MARTA

1.4. Contact Us

1.5. SiteMap

1.6. Privacy Policy and Disclaimers

1.7. Copyright ©2009 MARTA. All Rights Reserved.

1.8. Select a Language

1.8.1. Spanish

1.8.2. French

1.8.3. Chinese

1.8.4. Japanese

1.8.5. Korean

1.8.6. German

1.8.7. Opens site in new tab with google translate bar open

1.8.8. Main nav is in Images so does not translate

1.8.9. Many section headers are images as well so these do not translate

1.8.10. Even some Alerts are images!

1.8.11. Images also do not have Alt tags - impossible to navigate with screen reader

1.8.12. Bad for SEO too

1.9. Partner links

1.9.1. CCT

1.9.2. Xpress

1.9.3. Gwinett County

1.9.4. Peach Pass

1.9.5. Opens in current tab instead of new tab

2. Issues

2.1. Systemic

2.1.1. Cross device optimization

2.1.2. navigation and findability

2.1.3. brand cohesiveness

2.1.4. usability of core features plan a trip manage breezecard

2.2. Topical

2.2.1. broken links

2.2.2. text in images

2.2.3. broken media elements

2.2.4. confusing copy

3. Main Nav

3.1. Using MARTA

3.1.1. Using MARTA (main nav link) left rail - copy of subnav In this Section links - some choice links pulled out with icons and brief description Contact module Hours for calling Email address Testimonial carousel also in an image, bad for SEO! Quick links repeat of some links from main nav PLUS

3.1.2. Hours of Operation text content of hours Could use a graphic representation of hours

3.1.3. Ride with Respect Nice "pinnable" graphics Link to downloadable pamphlets and legal brochures in Spanish and English Link to code of conduct PDF that opens in same tab long list of rules about riding MARTA List of links of MARTA CEO interviews about Ride with Respect Campaign Ride with Respect radio spot Opens audio in same tab List of Ride with Respect TV promos with Celebrities needs plug in "Flip4Mac"? Never heard of this plug in, dont want to download Text content pasted in press release for Ride with Respect Not really any context around what the Ride with Respect campaign is, where it's coming from... Looks like it's actually filed under "About MARTA > press releases"

3.1.4. How to ride MARTA Subnav that opens up on left rail Breeze Cards Airport Commuter Calculator Links in content area Hours of operation Bicycles on MARTA A rookie's guide to MARTA Service Animals Pet's on MARTA Top 5 MARTA stations to Park and Ride Walking to Phipps Arena from Five Points Navigating the Five Points Train Station Tips for Riding MARTA to/from the Airport Using Marta Quick links right rail

3.1.5. Parking Information Content on Parking: prices and locations List of stations, table of parking info link to station page

3.1.6. MyCommute Trip Planner 1 to and from interface general UI issues 2 select from list of trips 3 View details map broken

3.1.7. Accessibility content about how the website is accessible (great!) Content about requesting materials in different formats content about contacting FTA Content about contacting MARTA for suggestions No content on Accessibility of stations, buses, etc

3.1.8. MARTA mobility Here is the content on Accessibility of system! Many will not think to click on "Mobility" for accessibility. MARTA gives us all Mobility! Actually, this is not on the accessibility of the normal system. This is on a special program Must call to make reservation. Does it makes sense to have an online appointment scheduler? Or an app? MARTA mobility guide content about priority seating on buses and trains Tons of FAQs and jump links MARTA mobility web Login required! What is this? MARTA mobility web text version does not load? Elderly & Disabled Access Advisory Committee (EDAAC) content on the group Application Meeting Minutes MARTA mobility forms Download forms download instructions for filling out form Better if just an online form!

3.1.9. Travel training program For disabled folks looking to start using MARTA just content with contact info to sign up for the free program

3.1.10. Safety on MARTA content broken video content Bullets of safety tips, sectioned off MORE link Nothing on See Say app!

3.1.11. Kid Safety on MARTA Transit Explorers! Really awesome, needs updating Games, coloring books, stories

3.1.12. Visiting Atlanta Links to Airport page Braves shuttle page Hotel listing page Big table with a list of destinations and which station or bus line services that destination.

3.1.13. Regional Transit Just links to all the other providers, those in footer, and BUC Would be great to create a consolidated map of all transit options Map of System as navigation of website - shows connection points, mindmap style expands and collapses THOSE maps

3.1.14. FAQs list of Questions and answers..but some are more "Why MARTA?" and less tactical sidebar graphic "MARTA supports education" leads to "not found" page 1. How do I ride MARTA? 2. When does MARTA operate? 3. How can I use MARTA to/from the Airport? 4. How does a Day Pass work? 5. Is MARTA accessible for disabled riders? 6a. How does MARTA Help Atlanta? (The Economy) 6b. How does MARTA Help Atlanta? (The Environment) 7. What is the process to request a Bus Shelter/Bench? 8. Does MARTA offer a discount for group purchases? 9. Can I purchase Breeze Cards in advance?

3.1.15. MARTA app station Whoa! New website for "developer resources" - but im not a developer! Links to app store for MARTA apps Recommended 3rd party apps

3.2. Schedule and Maps

3.2.1. Schedule and Maps main Just modules linking to subnav

3.2.2. Bus Routes and Schedules Bus hours again Select by route name route number connecting station

3.2.3. Rail Routes and Schedules MARTA Alert! MARTA Will be running a modified schedules on July 4th. Please click here to view rail schedules Still up on July 5th Why not on homepage!? Links to list of rail lines - opens PDF of rail schedule "After 9pm the Red Line only operates between North Springs and Lindbergh. Simply transfer at Lindbergh Station to continue your trip." Click on Map to choose station STATION PAGE Side bar Next 3 scheduled train trips

3.2.4. Holiday Schedule list of holidays note on what type of service will be offered

3.2.5. Interactive System Map Overview page for "geographically accurate" system map Ways to view the map Interactive Map viewer Close up of central atlanta closeup of downtown atlanta 5 points bus connections map

3.2.6. Rail Maps Rail Maps links to Rail Schedule page (select station on map) download printable PDF of rail maps Regional Map links to Regional and Partner maps

3.2.7. Regional and Partner Maps download front download back interactive viewer (zoom in)

3.3. Fare and Discounts

3.3.1. Fare and Discount Main repeats a bunch of links

3.3.2. Fares and Passes difference b/w BreezeCard and Breeze ticket Fare table single trip bulk trips day passes Info about Transfers RideStores and Cashiers location and hours for all 4 RideStores What is a RIde Store?

3.3.3. Reduced Fare content requirements contact info

3.3.4. Employer Pass Content on Why Who to contact Discount structure Links to Local TMA (Transportation Management Associations) Partnership form PDF Employee Survey PDF Breeze Login partner program Portal?

3.3.5. Day Pass content about the day pass

3.3.6. University Pass content about Upass How to apply participating colleges

3.3.7. Student Pass K-12 Content about student pass Requirements How to apply

3.3.8. Mobility Fare Fares for MARTA mobility acceptable ways to pay

3.4. News and Events

3.4.1. News and Events Main repetitive link lists Media Relations contact info

3.4.2. News and Updates = "System Updates" Nothing shows here about the different schedule for the weekend of the forth only update is a link to the See Say App article page about the see say app and texting the Marta police option

3.4.3. Press Releases list of links article page really should be a blog reel

3.4.4. MARTA publications list of PDFs print brochures Some good content should move the breakdown of MARTA finances to be more accessible and visible Link to Archived publications Link to Sign up for newsletter should just be email! Too many required fields.

3.4.5. Photography and Film Policy content on rules Downloadable word doc of photography request form Contact info for media spokesperson

3.4.6. Calendar of Events list of events filterable by community events Conventions Public hearings and meetings Sports Most events do not have an event type attached. So filtering shows no results for all types but Community Events Footer is list of a ton of meeting and convention venues with Direction content

3.4.7. Public Meetings and Hearing announcement of 2015 proposed budget and link to PDF should be blog post! list of Hearings (May 2014) No minutes or updates about the meeting Table of discounts for bulk day pass purchase for conventions

3.4.8. MARTA Highlights Click here for Bus Schedule information... MORE bus schedule Click here for Rail Schedule information... MORE rail schedule Click here for Mobility information... MORE MARTA mobility page Click here to see MARTA Videos... LOVE the station tour videos! Great idea YouTube videos play fine...still have issue with a plug in for some videos (KPIs) Click here to see MARTA's Performance... Really awesome, love the transparency here. Just need a better graphic display, and maybe even more prominence on the site for the KPIs you are doing well on or improving on Summary page View all KPIS would love to see more crosslinking of KPIs to from other pages across the site Click here for MARTA mobile apps!... App station of Developer resources Click here for MARTA developer resources Developer Resources site! (Faces of Marta) People like you tell you why MARTA is important to them! title of section is embedded in image/icon All testimonials with first and last names Click here for Braves shuttle information maps text content downloadable PDFs of schedule Train Control and SCADA system upgrades Should be blog post! Info about train scheduling technology upgrades Click here to View MARTA sustainability program link to Earth Day celebration Content about why MARTA is sustainable random video links Lots of content and bullet points Pinnable poster images Needs to be split out into blog posts Click here to view the MARTA moments video Why is this one on Vimeo? Learn how MARTA can save you money Goes to a page about Sustainablity - some of the same content as the other page - jump links down to these links... Opens in new tab?

3.5. About MARTA

3.5.1. About MARTA main repetitive links

3.5.2. MARTA's past and future little content about future link to More on MARTA's plans for the future Goes to "Planning and Projects" page History of Marta

3.5.3. MARTA's vision vision statement list of objectives Strategy diagram

3.5.4. Careers and MARTA Link to iRecruitment Bullets about jobs at MARTA Link to FAQs Downloadable video demos of IRecruitment site

3.5.5. MARTA Leadership Blurb about leadership Blurb about executive management team with link to learn more List of Bios Blurb about board of directors with link to learn more link to meeting schedule Link to recent meeting agendas Link to recent meeting minutes Link to recent meeting summaries Photo and names of board

3.5.6. MARTA Police

3.5.7. MARTA and your community Charity Club transit oriented development info on what this is How MARTA is involved Contacts Long list of PDFs profiling every station for TOD Green Light back to sustainability page Junior Achievement hosting...from 2011 should be a blog post!

3.5.8. Diversity and Equal Opp info list of a TON of links with content on various bills, laws and initiatives

3.5.9. Architectural / Engineering Info about contracting to MARTA contact info Link to Vendor Opportunities list of opportunities Different Page than Vendor Opportunities Accessed in Nav

3.5.10. Planning and Projects Expansion Projects Info about Department of Planning Info about Office of Transit System Planning (R&A) Info about Office of Transit System Planning (TSP) link for service planning and scheduling link to special projects and analysis link to Regional planning and expansion projects Info about Office of TOD Link to transit oriented development page Info about Internship program!! This is cool, but misplaced Contact info types of internships applications PDF guide to internships

3.5.11. Vendor Opportunities links to iSupplier portal download W9 download iSupplier reference info Link to Current Opportunities list of opportunities, same as linked from Architectural / Engineering PDF How to do Business with MARTA

3.5.12. Reports list of PDF annual reports

3.5.13. Advertising on MARTA carousel of examples of advertising on MARTA content about various opportunities contact info

3.5.14. MARTA Partners grid of logos of local and national organizations, linking to websites NOT other transit solutions, expected Xpress, Beltline, Streetcar Not sure what these partnerships really mean. What does it mean to partner with Taste of Atlanta?

3.5.15. Title VI Notice to the public content about compliance with civil rights act of 1964

3.5.16. Pension Information list of PDFs, guessing for employees

3.5.17. Developer Resources developer site

3.5.18. Employee Portal link to Employee Email Link to careers page Link to Employee self service Application

3.6. Search bar

3.6.1. loads search results

4. Empire Nav

4.1. Logo

4.1.1. links to homepage

4.2. search

4.2.1. search page basic options to search (droplist) Searched the site for "Midtown", just got "loading..." - results never loaded! advanced boolean operators Adding filter Searched the site for "Midtown", just got "loading..." - results never loaded! (search works from search bar, but not search page)

4.3. Mobile site

4.3.1. See mobile site node

4.4. Text only site

4.4.1. Very cool! Great for accessibility and probably SEO

4.5. Contact us

4.5.1. list of contact numbers and emails

4.5.2. General Contact Form CTA Name Email How often do you ride MARTA? Overall, how would you rate your experience using the MARTA web site? Would love stats on this! Subject droplist there is a "website related"...would love to see all of these messages! free text

4.6. Sitemap

4.6.1. AGH! Just a long list of links with no chunking

4.6.2. (additional tertiary pages)

4.7. Links to social media

4.7.1. (see social media node)

5. Homepage

5.1. Alert bar

5.1.1. Rail Alert Link to notice that the code of conduct is being strictly enforced

5.1.2. "<Date> Service Alert" Link to notice that the code of conduct is being strictly enforced looks like a different link, same useless page

5.1.3. Bus Alert page that just says "no alerts"

5.1.4. "<Date> Service Alert" page that just says "no alerts"

5.1.5. sign up for alerts CTA

5.2. Carousel


5.2.2. Info about Single tracking and renovations some dead links

5.2.3. Other news buckhead bridge new station video LOVE These!! Love how you get MARTA employees to take us on the tours. I would love to learn more about the MARTA employees so I can greet them by name in the stations I frequent!

5.3. MyCommute module

5.3.1. Goes to trip planner

5.4. MARTA Highlights module

5.4.1. Click here for Bus Schedule information... MORE

5.4.2. Click here for Rail Schedule information... MORE

5.4.3. Click here for Mobility information... MORE

5.4.4. Click here to see MARTA Videos...

5.4.5. (KPIs) Click here to see MARTA's Performance...

5.4.6. Click here for MARTA mobile apps!...

5.4.7. More highlights

5.4.8. Do not need to say "click here"

5.5. Quicklinks module

5.5.1. MARTA Transformation Initiative MTI home PDF roadmap from KPMG Blurb Video that cannot play About blurb/copy contact info for questions The Process diagram content blurb Governance content blurb diagram Initiatives summary Gantt charts

5.5.2. Braves Shuttle

5.5.3. Careers at Marta

5.5.4. MARTA planning

5.5.5. Elevator/Escalator list of all elevators station location direction Status

5.5.6. Fares and Discounts

5.5.7. Place Breeze Card Order now

5.5.8. Single Tracking same page from carousel

5.5.9. Vendor Opportunites

5.5.10. Ride with Respect


5.5.12. Board of Directors

5.5.13. Contact Us

5.5.14. MARTA police

5.5.15. Partner Transit Systems

5.5.16. Public Meetings

5.5.17. MARTA sustainability

5.5.18. Hours of Operation

5.6. News and Updates Module

5.6.1. Marta See Say App (only link)

5.6.2. All Updates >>

5.7. Sidebar image-based "promotions"

5.7.1. Take a Tour with Warren Myles

5.7.2. Rotating Image Based CTAs Click here to check Breeze Card balance Bus Real Time Data no available (learn more!) Promo to take MARTA to Arts Center for BBT open Alert for "No single tracking for the 5th and 6th"