Eastern Approaches to a Unified Reality

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Eastern Approaches to a Unified Reality by Mind Map: Eastern Approaches to a Unified Reality

1. Taoism

1.1. -The flow of the universe.

1.2. -Ones moment of perfec clearity.

1.3. -Taoism believes all words are a sign to the ultimate reality.

1.4. -The key is to have self respec, self love and inner joy.

1.5. -Be one with the universe through wu wie.

1.6. -In order to stay youthful, with plenty of health and vitality, you must maintain and control the body's energy.

2. Buddhism

2.1. -In Buddhism, reality is hought to be ever-changing and iner-related.

2.2. -Buddha found that through meditation, that people should strive for the end of change.

2.3. -Four Noble Truths

2.3.1. *Dukkha- suffering is everywhere and a part of life *Samudaya- there is a cause of suffering *Nirodha- there is an end of suffering, which is nirvana, one must cease all desires. *Marga- there is a path that leads out of suffering, known as the Noble Eightfold Path.

2.4. -The mind senses thoughts and ideas much the same as the eyes sense light and ears sense air pressure.

3. Hinduism

3.1. -Hinduism is thought to be one of the oldest religion.

3.2. -The goal is self-relization through seeking awareness, understanding and connection with ultimate reality.

3.3. -They believe that the universe undergoes and endless cycle of creation, peservation and dissolution.

3.4. -Hindus believe that life is sacred, to be loved and revered.

4. Confucianism

4.1. -Ethical and philosophical system developed from Chinese philosopher Confucius.

4.2. -Similar to Taoism

4.3. -Purpose is to help seekers gain enlightenment through the revitalization of forgotten nobility and virtue