Doctoral Beginnings

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Doctoral Beginnings by Mind Map: Doctoral Beginnings

1. Context

1.1. Age of Austerity

1.1.1. That the current pressures facing the public sector have led to a situation where resources and skills sets have been reduced to a point where operational and intellectual 'critical mass' is breached.

2. Prevailing Change Mgt Methodology

2.1. Prevailing methods are designed for stable contexts. For example, PRINCE2 stands for Project [management] in Controlled Environments. Thos does not describe the current context.

2.2. The public sector is searching for more agile approaches to manage change: but is this enough - is it about speed?

3. Critical Thinking

3.1. There is insufficient training and development for managers in the area of decision making.

3.2. Conventional wisdom is that of the rational actor. But actors are not rational - see Herbert Simon - they are subject to heuristics and attendant biases. These skew thinking and lead to flawed decisions.

4. So...

4.1. Does there need to be some research into the effects of a lack of development in change methods?

4.2. Does there need to be a greater focus on Critical Thinking, cognitive bias and more effective decision making?

5. My Geistesblitzes

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