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SWOT Analysis for COMPUTER INPUT & OUTPUT DEVICES by Shonda Webb by Mind Map: SWOT Analysis for COMPUTER INPUT & OUTPUT DEVICES by Shonda Webb

1. INPUT and OUTPUT DEVICES can revolutionizes the way we receive and use information.

2. This is an opportunity to gain knowledge of new technology staying current with changing trends in educational learning.

3. This is am opportunity to improve your skills as an instructor and promote a positive learning experience.

4. The threat to using new technology is underestimating the importance of this tech, thereby limiting the student's interaction with the technology.

5. New Technology can be difficult to use and understand which can hinder the learning experience. Exchange of knowledge and information becomes weak when communication is limited.

6. INPUT DEVICE- A device, such as a keyboard or a mouse, which is used to enter information into a computer.

7. Strengths

8. Threats

8.1. Fearing change and staying stagnant in the old ways of teaching limiting communication and research practices.

9. Weaknesses

9.1. It is easy to dismiss the importance of using this technology in classroom.

10. Opportunities

11. OUTPUT DEVICE-electronic or electromechanical equipment connected to a computer and used to transfer data out of the computer in the form of text, images, sounds, or other media

12. INPUT DEVICE-TABLET less expensive than computers and students can carry them easily from class to class

13. 1 play music for humanities classes 2 great for children with learning disabilities to interact with learning and lesson plans in the class 3 great to act as the audio voice for students who can't speak 4 email and the internet for communication

14. INPUT DEVICE-LAPTOP have a similar function to its lighter counterpart in the tablet because you can use it to write essays as well as research and serves the same functions with communication and emails.

15. It is difficult to monitor the students in the classroom if the instructor does not understand the technology being used in the session.

16. The students use the technology for things other than school work and it limits the retention and retain abilities of the students.

17. OUTPUT DEVICES-DATA PROJECTOR-This is a device that takes imagines from a computer and other device and project the information onto a screen for student to view.

18. OUTPUT DEVICES-SPEAKER & MICROPHONES-These tools come standard built in to the computers for the purpose of playing back music and other media important in school activities.