Master Math Curriculum

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Master Math Curriculum by Mind Map: Master Math Curriculum

1. Commendable Areas

1.1. Document is written and present

1.2. The document is tied to the NCTM standards

1.3. All grades are accounted for

1.4. Scope and sequence is present and easy to follow

1.5. All teachers were involved in the curriculum creation

1.6. Textbooks accurately reflect the curriculum

1.7. New node

1.7.1. New node

2. Areas of Improvement

2.1. Professional curriculum coordinator is needed to help the staff

2.2. Differentiation for instruction needs to be included

2.3. Table of contents could help useability

2.4. NETS need to be considered in order to help the curriculum integrate technology

2.5. Professional development needs to be considered for the staff as well

2.6. ESOL and other special need students must be included in the curriculum

2.7. Assessment should be included in the written curriculum

2.8. Sample lesson plans need to be included

3. New node