Muslims Contributions to Mathematics

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Muslims Contributions to Mathematics by Mind Map: Muslims Contributions to Mathematics

1. arithmetic

1.1. Before the Arabic numerals, symbols were used to show numbers

1.2. borrowed the concept of zero from India

1.3. Arabic numerals are numbers based upon a system of ten

1.4. the form of each number is based on the number of angles they have

2. Omar Khayyam

2.1. 1044 - 1123 CE

2.2. express roots of cubic equations by line segments obtained by intersecting conic sections

2.3. Pascal's triangle

3. Al-Khwarismi

3.1. father of algebra

3.2. born around 770 in Baghdad - died about 840 CE

3.3. "algebra" comes from the Arabic word for "al-jabr" which means "restoration of balance" in both sides of an equation

4. why mathematics?

4.1. helps one to study the creation of Allah, which ultimately helps one to connect to Him