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Islam's Contribution to Medicine and Science by Mind Map: Islam
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Islam's Contribution to Medicine and Science


Islamic Medicine was influenced by

Indian Medicine

Iranian Medicine

Hellenistic Medicine

Arabian Medicine

Islamic Medicine small timeline

7th-15th centuries

9th century- "The Comprehensive Book" by Rhazes, said to be the most influential man in Islamic Medicine

1248- Largest Islam Hospital built in Cairo, Egpyt


Seen as healing places, places for sleeping and for psychiatric focus.

Hospitals were called Bimaristans

First European hospital was built in France







Begun in the 6th century

Science was influenced by Aristotle

Islam Science was the first branch of science to introduce law and abstract science


Islamic Science lead to the idea that the Earth was a sphere

Gave the idea that the Earth spinned on an axis

Gave the largest contribution to Chemistry

Important People

Alkindus- First man to study Earth Science

Avicenna- proposed the ideas of velocity and momentum

ibn al-Haytham- Explained vision and light