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21st Century Businesses using Web 2.0 by Mind Map: 21st Century Businesses using Web 2.0
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21st Century Businesses using Web 2.0

What is web 2.0 ?

A Variety of social and business networks that connects you to vast fully functional cyber world.

The second Generation of web based services

Many call Web 2.0 advanced web Technology

Interpersonal Computing

Using online technology to connect people to each other in social networks

Web services

Components of online web functions which interlink multiple services to specified web sites - eg: an easy payment option using pay pal, on your businesses product webpage

Web 2.0 sites :

Myspace Facebook and youtube

How does web 2.0 connect you ?

Its as simple as developing a website, that would represent your business.

With a versatile range of social and business networks, web 2.0 applications and web sites such as MySpace will greatly benefit the way you do business.

what part will web 2.0 play in your business

When connected to web 2.0 you have access to your external environment.

Welcome to a more sophisticated and advanced way of doing business

Web 2.0 has given every business a new competitive edge.


Using Web 2.0 it will now become easier than ever to communicate with the out side world.

Safety Issue

Advantages of web 2.0

Disadvantages of being so connected

Connecting your business functions and creating a synergy.

Product developing



Customer Service

Human resources


Business online strategies

Social Marketing

Business Costs

Decrease traveling costs



Xavier John Gerard Trollope