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The Golden Age of Islam by Mind Map: The Golden Age of Islam
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The Golden Age of Islam

The Golden age of Islam centered around the advancment of science and medicine, agriculture, literature, language, philosophy, astronomy and so on.

The End Of the Golden Age

By the time the Ottoman Empire rises, the Golden Age is considered to have ended

political mismanagement after the early Caliphs (10th century onwards)

Foreign Invasion

Mongols & Turks, Conquered most of Eurasia, 1206- Genghis Khan established the powerful Mongol empire, Lots of blood shed, Turkic leaders destroyed cities, slaughtered thousands and did severe damage to the ancient irrigation systems of Mesopotamia., People are becoming Nomadic, Eventually, Mongols and Turks that settled in parts of Persia, Central Asia, Russia and Anatolia converted to Islam.

Crusades, Muslims spread to new areas, causing conflict with Christians, Pope Urban II of Rome calls for all Christians to drive out Muslims from Jerusalem and its surrounding regions.



Religious freedom, Christianinty, Judaism, Muslim


Freedom of speech

Greek Ideas

preserved works of Aristotle, Avicenna logic



extended to previous isolated regions and Africa, Indian and China Sea



hospitals, libraries, universities, observatory

Rashidun conquest




North Africa


Umayyads Conquest



ceramics, glass, metalwork, textiles, illuminated manuscripts, calligraphy and woodwork flourished

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