Philozophy 2014

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Philozophy 2014 by Mind Map: Philozophy 2014


1.1. Not logged in

1.1.1. intro content

1.1.2. intro actions answer one question?

1.2. After first log in??

1.2.1. Push down b/w nav and content Greetings, Shannon! Video video still Below this video, there is a big ANSWER a question button. Click that to get one of the 14 most unanswerable questions of humanity. Dont be intimidated though. Answer what you feel to be your best way of articulating it right now. You can always go back and change it later. If you can't think of anything, you can always click "browze answers" to see the answers of famous philosophers, all philosophers or your friends. If you see one that inspires you, give it applause, and write your own version. OR, click reuse to simply take their answer and reuse it answer your answer to the question. They will still get credit for it on your page, but this is a good way to build a worldview if you dont quit have the words for it yet. Philozophy is a great way to help you develop and share your personal philsophy. But it's also a game. When you applaud someones answer, that person gets 1 point. When you reuse their answer they get 10 points. An answer is scored by how many applause and reuses that answer has at that exact moment. The collective philosophy is the top answer to each question. With enough players and honest activity we hope the philozophy becomes a crowdsourced view on the world. If you'd like to go to your profile

1.3. Recent activity

1.3.1. Global Recently applauded "Shannon just applauded Matt's answer to number 14" Recently reused Recently commented on

1.3.2. local (just logged in) current activity feed blown out

1.4. Changes in collective philozophy?

1.5. After subsequent logins

2. Empire Nav

2.1. Logged in

2.1.1. About

2.1.2. Contact

2.1.3. Settings alert settings Change password?!

2.1.4. Logout

2.2. Not logged in

2.2.1. About Update of About page to be more robust - Videos, graphics, twitter feed, potentially blog reel

2.2.2. Contact

2.2.3. Signup

2.2.4. Login

2.2.5. Logo

2.3. Global search

2.3.1. and faceted search results?

2.3.2. Or does it make more sense for it to be local?

3. Main Nav


3.1.1. sort most fresh at top default most senior at top most popular at top

3.1.2. filter just show classic checkbox answer drop down all 1 2 3 >>>> just show bookmarks only on log in. Should show this even when not logged in, and provide messaging to log in to bookmark change to "just show applauded" Just show friends add this Keyword filter

3.1.3. Sorting and filtering needs to "stick" - now when you click back, it resets individual URLs for linking and sharing sorted/filtered view

3.1.4. Other ways to sort and filter answers? Number of comments? Location of philozopher? Number of points?


3.2.1. sort most popular default most fresh most senior

3.2.2. Filter (radios) Everyone default the classics friends not logged in keyword search Maybe this makes the most sense here? How would global search really work?

3.2.3. View big Large Philozopher object grid small Philozopher object

3.2.4. Other ways to sort and filter people? search needs to look at person description too Location? Number of points? Number of comments?

3.3. Combine answers/philozophers to one search?

3.3.1. one set of sorts and filters

3.3.2. Show philozophers/show answers?


3.4.1. ANSWER OBJECTS W/ BYLINE # Question Timestamp? Answer BYLINE object Name Cover photo Reuse/Reused/Unreuse CTA # reuses 7 reuses Applaud/Applauded/Take it back CTA # applause 18 applause ok, better than bookmark. Because...bookmark connotates that you can go back to it. Applaud doesnt necessarily. Maybe its better for people to feel no pressure to come back to it, but find it a pleasant surprise to realize that you can. After first applaud Discuss/DIscussing/unsubscribe # pundits 3 pundits


3.5.1. ( new tab after login)

3.5.2. WORK ON MY WORLDVIEW cover photo name About me URL answer summary graphic update to be more clear Answers - editable no change? go to all my applauded answers Draft answers? dad's sub-questions as helper content

3.5.3. VIEW MYSELF AS OTHERS DO non editable

4. sidebar - logged in

4.1. status dots for each answer

4.2. Work on your worldview CTA

4.3. Activity stream

4.3.1. Customize CTA

4.3.2. stream of statuses

4.4. Does this even exist anymore?

5. Help

5.1. Flyout help strategy - flyouts with bits of content explaining various pieces of the site

6. Emails

6.1. Add yearly email

6.1.1. "Our philosophies change as we evolve. (show their answers) do you want to revise?"

6.1.2. Email on your birthday?

6.2. Option to get emailed when collective philozophy changes

7. Admin panel

7.1. get to email address of a players

7.2. Ability to tag "professional" philozophers

7.2.1. no UI now, just gain ability on backend

7.2.2. classic philozophers are dead, these guys are writing books/blogs

7.3. Google analytics hook in

7.4. Admin - ability to see list of accounts, names and email addresses

7.5. Admin - ability to delete an account

7.6. Specific URLs for detailed sorting/filtering

7.7. "Stay logged in" checkbox on login overlay. Checked by default.

7.8. Change default alerts settings - email alert when someone reuses/bookmarks/comments on YOUR answer

7.9. Email alert for being added or bumped from collective world view