Is Olive Oil Beneficial for our lives?

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Is Olive Oil Beneficial for our lives? by Mind Map: Is Olive Oil Beneficial for our lives?

1. Warming-up exercises:

1.1. Eliciting vocabulary creating posters

1.2. Presentation of the project by means of a video

1.3. Open discussion

2. How is olive oil produced?

2.1. A technology class explaining the process of elaboration of olive oil

2.2. Elaboration of a summary of the technology session using Easel.y or Visual·ly

2.3. Showing your infographics to the rest of the class and all the others members of our school.

3. Where is it produced in Almeria?

3.1. Promotion of the olive oil by means of a brochure where the areas of production will be located and explained.

3.2. Presentation of their brochures using prezi or powerpoint

4. The consumption of olive oil

4.1. Elaborating a soap out of olive oil

4.2. Cooking a recipe based on olive oil

4.3. Recording the process using moviemaker

5. Making an arragement to visit an olive oil mill

5.1. Writing a formal e-mail. Students will be able to modify it by means of google docs

6. The final product

6.1. a digital diary by means of an eBook will be the final product. Remember you have got accounts in twitter and facebook to share your eBook. Show it !

7. The end of the project

7.1. A visit to an olive mill and press in Canjayar or Tabernas