Islam and the Soul

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Islam and the Soul by Mind Map: Islam and the Soul

1. The Soul's Existence

1.1. Ibn Sina

1.1.1. Actions that do not belong to the nature of our bodies must belong to the soul.

2. The Nature of the soul

2.1. Separated into as 3 parts

2.1.1. Vegetative

2.1.2. Animal or sensitive

2.1.3. Rational

3. The Rational Soul

3.1. We try to understand what happens in the world

3.2. Divided into 2 intellects

3.2.1. Theoretical

3.2.2. practical

4. Soul's objective

4.1. Ultimate goal of happiness

4.1.1. All parts work together in this, the animal, the plant and the rational

5. Eternity of the Soul

5.1. Different ideas within this philosophy

5.1.1. Indestructible soul

5.1.2. Only rational souls are indestructible