Nobody Owens And His Key Relationships

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Nobody Owens And His Key Relationships by Mind Map: Nobody Owens And His Key Relationships

1. Silas was Bod’s idol the guy Bod looks up to, and will always look up to above all others. Silas is not dead, but he is not alive either. Heis a sad, lonely figure, not fitting in with either the living or the dead, like when he is was unable to join in the Danse Macabre because its was where the living danced with the dead and he neither of them.

2. The Man Jack

2.1. His relationship with bod was he was sent by a secrete organisation Call the Jacks to kill him . The man whom was sent to kill bob and his family managed to kill all his family members accept for Bob . After bob escapes The man Jack did not gave up in searching for him .

2.2. How does bod feel about him

3. Silas

3.1. what is his relation with Bod

3.1.1. He is a ghost in the graveyard he is Bods guardian.He was the one who made Jack leave the graveyard to protect Bod .Unlike the ghosts in the graveyard, Silas is not dead and he is not alive, and he can leave the graveyard and he goes to places which he do not tell anyone .He gets books and food for bod

3.2. How does bod feel about him

4. How does bod feel about him

4.1. Bod feel curious when he first heard about jack after finding out from Silas when he showed him the business card from the Pawn shop where Bod tries to trade of the brooch he got from the sleers into cash to get Liza Hempstock a headstone after he found out that Liza was buried without one.Bod wants to find this person and kill him and prepare himself for revenge.

5. Scarlett

5.1. what is her relationship with bod

5.1.1. She is bods friend when she was a little girl her mom would bring her to the graveyard because it was the nature reserve and her mom would read book while Scarlett would play by herself at the graveyard she met bod and talk to him they became friends .

5.2. How does Bod feel about her

5.2.1. Bod felt happy when he was younger that he met scarlet as his friend and played with her at the graveyard and would do things together but when scarlett went for scotland bod felt lonley , when she returned bod was happy and was in loved with her but after kill all the jacks Scarlett got afraid of bod and wanted to avoid him Bod got sad lonely and depressed.

6. Mother Slaughter

6.1. what is the relationship with bod

6.1.1. She is a memeber of the graveyard and was the one who thought about where to allow the baby to sleep .

6.2. How does bod feel about her

6.2.1. Bod feel normaly towards her as she did not really come contact with bod when bod ask her about the Danse Macabre she did not answer and the other when she came contact with bod was when She asked bod to pick up flowers for her and talked to Bod when he was going to leave the graveyard soon .