Technology in the Classroom

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Technology in the Classroom by Mind Map: Technology in the Classroom

1. Literacy with ICT

1.1. Critical and Creative thinking

1.1.1. experimenting different tools risks enjoyment

1.1.2. knowledge of various tools

1.1.3. Freedom Inquiry projects staying within reason

1.1.4. Discovery

1.2. Ethics and Responsibility

1.2.1. gradual release of responsbility

1.2.2. Internet ethics proper research Educational websites Author? Domain? decoding of ULR's ~ % evaluating websites author? domian? personal page? date? Learning networks vs personal networks online security be aware of personal information you put on the web

1.3. Learning continuum

1.3.1. Plan and Question follows given plans adapt plans designs own plan

1.3.2. Gather and make Sense finds and collects information analyzes data assesses information found

1.3.3. Produce to show Understanding participates in establishing criteria composes and edits texts, records sounds, graphs data, videos designs and creates simulations

1.3.4. Communicate displays and discusses electronic work adjusts communication based on self-evaluation

1.3.5. Reflect participates in conferences invites and shares constructive feedback self-monitors learning goals

1.4. Resource: "A Continuum Model for Literacy with ICT Across tje Curriculum."

2. Student Learning

2.1. Interactive

2.1.1. webquests good for subject integration students can design their own

2.1.2. group inquiry

2.1.3. wikis

2.1.4. blogs opinion based make part of lesson plan have students blog for journals writing share ideas with the internet publish students' work share with other classes invite parents to veiw blogs

2.2. Student centered

2.2.1. inquiry ask questions of interest search for answers using various tools present in creative way powerpoint graphs multimedia visuals music

2.2.2. self teaching responsibility learn at own pace learn what interests challenge oneself

2.2.3. discovery self discovery discovery of new material uncover new interests and passions

2.3. Various Tools

2.3.1. digital cameras

2.3.2. computers

2.3.3. ipod touch

2.3.4. Smart Board

2.3.5. Microsoft word excel powerpoint lesson plans presentations photo collection

3. Teaching

3.1. Web 2.0

3.1.1. Animoto

3.1.2. Blabberize

3.1.3. Evernote

3.1.4. New node

3.2. Integration

3.2.1. using technolgy as a teaching tool

3.2.2. find uses for technology in all subjects

3.3. learning

3.3.1. Learning with the students

3.3.2. Experimenting with new tools

3.3.3. student centered teaching

4. Fun

4.1. Digital Games

4.1.1. Educational Games

4.1.2. Games tied to the curriculum

4.2. Webquests

4.3. Experimentation

4.4. interaction

4.4.1. Google Docs

4.4.2. Social Networking

4.4.3. Group Projects Movies Inquiry Multimedia MovieMaker Powerpoint visuals audio Music

5. Internet

5.1. research

5.2. social networking

5.3. Podcasts

5.4. Wikis

5.5. videos

5.5.1. youtube

5.5.2. teachertube

5.5.3. create your own

6. Communication

6.1. Email

6.1.1. hotmail

6.1.2. gmail

6.1.3. work email

6.1.4. good way to keep in touch

6.2. webpages

6.2.1. bookmarking Diigo share great websites join groups of interest learn of new and exciting resources Delicious educational or personal purposes

6.2.2. class websites

6.2.3. wikis

6.2.4. Blogs

6.3. social networking

6.3.1. facebook

6.3.2. Twitter

6.3.3. MySpace

6.3.4. instant communication

6.4. Skype

6.4.1. talk with classes around the globe

6.4.2. share lessons with other classes

6.4.3. view and learn from other cultures