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CEMI Notes by Mind Map: CEMI Notes

1. State of CEMI

1.1. Some Possible Directions

1.1.1. Club Model

1.1.2. Build a "Digital Maker Space" Model

1.1.3. Middle Way Support Group helping make stuff happen

1.2. Resources We Would Need

1.2.1. Performance Venue

1.2.2. Workspace

1.2.3. Storage Space

1.3. Income based on membership

1.3.1. Not uncommon for clubs

1.3.2. Are we wanting many members with low dues and low benefits?

1.3.3. Or do we want fewer members with high dues and "quality" benefits.

1.4. Possible Directions

1.4.1. RedTail Pros T Access Velvet Venue Space 24/7 Access Cons Lose Asylum Resources Cost 715 Per Month (Unconfirmed)

1.4.2. Asylum Absorbtion Pros We lose Financial Responsibility Cons Lose Autonomy Questions How would relationship work?

1.4.3. Stay Renting at Asylum Pros Dont have to move Maintain business at usual Established and friendly building to newcomers

1.4.4. Keep an eye open for alternate spaces.

1.4.5. Glitchloft Rates Devon's room upstairs $650/month Evan's room downstairs $850/month Cons No tools little storage no proff buildings for meetings can be very noisy Pros very close to the T some parking performance space and gallery elevator well known in the art community

1.4.6. Firefly They are exploring local gallery options We are considering doing a gallery show at Velir to

1.5. Find New Members

1.5.1. Resources

1.5.2. Types of members

1.5.3. How much time to we devote to this

2. State of IDEALab

2.1. Audiences to Cater To

2.1.1. The Shy Show and Tell Presented Table/Con style tables Luke is good at this

2.1.2. The Musicians

2.1.3. The Hackers

2.2. Currently IDEALab is a hangout. Activity is emergent.

2.2.1. What are some alternative ways to organize it Use a host / MC for the lab each night Sole role is to look for and engage new people. Find out their interests and why they came. Introduce them to members they might be interested in talking to. Show and Tell Hour Call it "Open mic" or "open stage" presentation. "Feedback Zone" Have a 101 workshop for each IDEALab Possible teachers Topics Pre-announce planned group activities One per night? Recurring? or "if there is expressed interest, it will get organized"? Optional participation / BYO Example activities

2.3. How do we make IDEALab have a culture of engagement?

2.3.1. Make a host per night. Engage the new folks Introduce people to appropriate others

2.3.2. We *should* advertise scheduled talks

2.3.3. Try to Utilize all 3 Screens

2.3.4. Have 'interactive stations' set up for people to engage with. (New) people can walk up to it and try it out Luke's launchpad - ableton sample triggering "give VJ'ing a try" Muldover Set with Launchpads

2.3.5. Make it clear that show and tell is "cool" and safe to do

2.3.6. Regular Speakers James Ableton Music Theory Joomla Sacha Arduino Processing Unity Luke Ableton Max/M4L "Glue" (midi, osc)

3. Agendas

3.1. Meeting 2

3.1.1. shoul?d we pursue looking for another office space everyone ask around make a list of possible places

3.1.2. Go over next Idea Lab and Velvet

3.1.3. State of office storage

3.2. Recurring Topics

3.2.1. IDEAlab 1. When is the next IDEALab 2. What is going to happen 3. Who is going to host it 4. What preparation do we need to do

3.2.2. Velvet Next Velvet Sat. Aug. 2nd 2. Is there a central (musical) theme 3. Are we collaborating with other crews?

3.2.3. Finances Membership

3.2.4. Ongoing Projects Meeting Weekly Join.Me For each project: what is the status, what are the needs, etc DeRez triphead video projection Discomatic

3.2.5. Opportunities Call for proposals / funding for projects Events that we could participate in Collaborations with other groups/crews Things we can offer

4. Fun IDEAS

4.1. Talking Trees

5. Knowledge Call Outs

5.1. Help With Projection Mapping

5.1.1. Ask Jeff Mission

5.1.2. Priscilla May Be Able to talk a bit on this

5.2. On the CEMI website show a word-cloud that lists topics that members have knowledge on (and who consent with possibly being called upon for a 'show & tell' or '101 workshop'

6. Office Status

6.1. purge equipment to keep it cleean

7. Live Projects

7.1. State of Velvet

7.1.1. Frequency of event: once a month, or 2-4 times per year?

7.1.2. How to develop it beyond "dj's playing music" (e.g a platform for new dj's, vj's, interactive installations, and so on). Tie-in with workshops/projects at IDEALab? Jeff Mission? Jim Ankrom?

7.2. Governace

7.3. Ignite

7.3.1. August 4th

7.3.2. We Need 3-4 Volunteers James Tree Climbing People

7.3.3. Available Inventory

7.4. Illuminus

7.4.1. Mass Broadcast System?

7.4.2. multi-feed projection

7.4.3. deRez with 3D Kinect Can we build a 3rd Panel? Mirror Room? In Conjunction

7.5. `