Concept Map For Teaching

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Concept Map For Teaching by Mind Map: Concept Map For Teaching

1. Consider the First Step of Bloom's Taxonomy

1.1. Creating

1.1.1. Create a concept map to be used for brainstorming.

2. Gather Concept Information

2.1. Ask Questions

2.2. Brainstom

2.3. Use the Internet

3. How can the Concept be Applied to Meaningful Learning

3.1. Active Learning

3.1.1. Does your concept consider students actively thinking about, and understanding, what will be taught?

3.2. Constructive

3.2.1. Are you creating an open-minded, widely opinionated, assignment allowing the students to collect and build on their own ideas?

3.3. Intentional

3.3.1. Are you including group assignments causing the students to work together in your concept map?

3.4. Authentic

3.4.1. Are you going to research your ideas and concepts with real world situations or objects?

3.5. Collaborative

3.5.1. Are you considering a goal for the students to achieve?

4. Follow ISTE Standards

4.1. ISTE Teacher Standard 2: Design and develop a learning experiences and assessments

4.1.1. Your concept map should consider the design and development of an authentic learning experience incorporating modern tools and resources to maximize learning. Design a relevant learning experience that incorporates modern tools and resources to maximize student learning. Develop modernized learning environments that enable students to become active in setting their own goals, manage learning, and monitor progress.