Freud on religion

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Freud on religion by Mind Map: Freud on religion

1. The man

1.1. Austrian Psychologist (1856-1939)

1.2. Considered to be the father of modern psychology - devloped 'psychoanalysis'

1.3. Escaped the Nazis in 1938 and fled to London where he dieded.

2. Model of the Mind

2.1. The id

2.1.1. Human needs and desires are based here.

2.1.2. Basic instincts such as apetite are formulated

2.1.3. Dreams can be a way of the subconcious reflecting these needs

2.2. The superego

2.2.1. This is the part of the mind where humans reason and make decisions

2.2.2. Parents influence this through your upbringing

2.3. The ego

2.3.1. The part of the mind shaped by external influneces such as traumas, bereavements, upbringing, eduaction, friends, the media etc etc

3. Religion and Morality

3.1. Religion is an 'obsessional neurosis'

3.1.1. Religion provides a way for people to satisfy their desires

3.1.2. Religion provides appealing answers to big questions - reward after death etc.

3.1.3. People are 'obsessed' with religion because it answers their desires, eg God exists and there is life after death.

3.1.4. Freud's theory would suggest that Kant's Summum Bonum is a positive human desire to aim for but it is in no way guaranteed by God's existence.

3.2. Moral values are the result of our experiences

3.2.1. The majority of our moral values are influenced by our parents

3.2.2. Morality is a product of society and upbringing and not something objective to be discovered through reason, as Kant would suggest.

3.2.3. Are any moral values objective??