Federalists Vs. Antifederalists

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Federalists Vs. Antifederalists by Mind Map: Federalists Vs. Antifederalists

1. Anti Federalists

1.1. Problems in the Constitution

1.1.1. New and untested government

1.1.2. Nothing wrong with the Articles of Confederation

1.1.3. Too much power to president

1.1.4. No Bill of Rights

1.1.5. Congress didn't have enough representatives

1.2. Wanted agrarian republic

1.2.1. Landowning farmers ran local politics

1.2.2. Thomas Jefferson agreed

1.3. US too big to be controlled by one government

1.3.1. Union should break into 3 or 4 countries

2. Federalists

2.1. Thought that the Articles of Confederation were too weak

2.2. Wanted a stronger national government

2.2.1. Would help commerce

2.3. Federalist Papers

2.3.1. 85 essays written to support the Federalist cause

2.3.2. By Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison

2.3.3. Defend the republicanism of the Constitution, talk about flaws of the Articles and benefits of union

2.3.4. Talk about two types of government: democratic and republican Democracy = All the people participate in government Republic = People elect reps to make government decisions Madison preferred repulic

3. Introduction

3.1. Ratification

3.1.1. 9 states need to approve Constitution before it was approved

3.1.2. Ratification not guarenteed Many people opposed a stronger federal government These people were called "Anti Federalists" People who supported the Constitution were "Federalists"

4. Outcome

4.1. Constitution ratified by all 13 states

4.2. Federalist delegates elected to state conventions

4.3. Bill of Rights added to Constitution