Brand stories we want to tell

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Brand stories we want to tell by Mind Map: Brand stories we want to tell

1. what content will they find interesting?

1.1. video clips?

1.2. images?

1.3. music?

1.4. multiple formats?

2. why write/share them in the first place?

2.1. what do you want to achieve?

2.2. how will these stories help you reach your goal?

2.3. how do the stories link to your brand and business startegy?

2.4. audience

2.4.1. who are they?

2.4.2. what's the value of your stories to them?

2.4.3. where are they?

2.4.4. are these stories for a new audience or an existing one?

3. what will appeal to your audience?

4. subjects

4.1. industry developments

4.2. industry challenges

4.3. industry successes

4.4. best practice

4.5. your successes

4.6. your thoughts, opinions