Psychology - Mental illness

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Psychology - Mental illness by Mind Map: Psychology - Mental illness

1. Students create a Padlet page with information on one selected mental illness to share with the class.

1.1. SAMR

1.1.1. Modification


1.2.1. Developing autonomy and confidence

1.3. AusVELS

1.3.1. 'application of a biopsychosocial framework to understanding ONE of the following four types of mental disorder and its management: anxiety disorder; mood disorder; addictive disorder; psychotic disorder'

1.4. Australian Curriculum ICT

1.4.1. Creating with ICT

2. Students use Google Docs to collaboratively analyse and define mental wellbeing and mental illness.

2.1. SAMR

2.1.1. Augmentation


2.2.1. Learning with technology

2.3. AusVELS

2.3.1. 'concepts of normality and differentiation of mental health from mental illness'

2.4. Australian Curriculum ICT

2.4.1. Creating with ICT

3. Students use Scratch to create an interactive game for their peers that demonstrates their understanding of how to diagnose mental illness

3.1. SAMR

3.1.1. Redefinition


3.2.1. Learners as designers

3.3. AusVELS

3.3.1. 'systems of classification of mental conditions and disorders: underlying principles of classification'

3.4. Australian Curriculum and ICT

4. Students create a multimodal mind map exploring the risk and preventative factors, treatment options and support for mental illness.

4.1. SAMR

4.1.1. Augmentation


4.2.1. Sematic organisation tools; (Un)intelligent tools; Knowledge construction, not reproduction

4.3. AusVELS

4.3.1. 'use of a biopsychosocial framework (the interaction and integration of biological, psychological and social factors) as an approach to considering physical and mental health'

4.4. Australian Curriculum and ICT