TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Permanence and loss - how tattoos helped me heal

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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Permanence and loss - how tattoos helped me heal by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Permanence and loss - how tattoos helped me heal

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2.2.1. Mona Eltahawy Coumnist for INSEAD http://www.monaeltahawy.com/ @monaeltahawy

2.3. ...this talk

2.3.1. Themes Egyptian revolultion Female rights

2.3.2. Related talks

2.3.3. Reactions People are incredible No. 2. Brave survivor of the Eygptian uprising demonstrates how tattoos helped her heal: http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/talks/permanence-and-loss-how-tattoos-helped-me-heal-mona-eltahawy-at-tedxamsterdam/ … Power woman @monaeltahawy "Permanence And Loss: How tattoos helped me heal" #TEDxAms http://ow.ly/qBuhg #brave RT @monaeltahawy: My talk at #TEDxAms today on tattoos, healing and revolution http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/mona-eltahawy-how-tattoos-helped-me-heal/ … After #Egypt police broke her arms “My tattoos are my way to say: I reclaim my body” - @monaeltahawy at TEDxAmsterdam http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/mona-eltahawy-how-tattoos-helped-me-heal/ … GO MONA! Permanence and loss - how tattoos helped me heal: Mona Eltahawy at TEDxAmsterdam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e_s8Vdmgs8&sns=tw … via @youtube Egypt needs a social and sexual revolution. Een toptalk van #TEDxAms #monaeltahawy http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/mona-eltahawy-how-tattoos-helped-me-heal/ … WOW! @monaeltahawy Permanence And Loss: How tattoos helped me heal http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/talks/permanence-and-loss-how-tattoos-helped-me-heal-mona-eltahawy-at-tedxamsterdam/ … #TEDxAms Watch that talk! of my all time hero @monaeltahawy at #TEDxAms, on tattoos, healing and revolution http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/mona-eltahawy-how-tattoos-helped-me-heal/ … …

2.3.4. Watch this talk on YouTube

3. The event... November 24th 2011

3.1. Mona was part of iconic battle, between:

3.1.1. the revolution

3.1.2. Egypotian security Forces

3.2. Egyptian riot police

3.2.1. broke Mona's right hand left arm

3.2.2. sexually assaulted Mona

3.2.3. detained Mona for 12 hours

4. After the event, couldn't use her fingers for wrting

4.1. most of Mona's arm were in cast

4.2. This was hard for Mona, as she's a writer

4.3. usually

4.3.1. Word were her message

4.4. now

4.4.1. her body became her canvas

4.5. determined to celebrate the healing of her bones

4.5.1. healing of her heart would take much longer...

5. Celebrating the healing of her bones by getiting tattoos

5.1. first tattoo

5.1.1. ancient Egyptian god Sekhmet retibution sex

5.1.2. "she will kick your ass and then fuck your brains out"

5.1.3. see information about the artist who made the tattoo

5.1.4. She helps Mona to fight back there is no shame in what happened to Mona, but there is shame in the men who did it to her

5.2. second tattoo

5.2.1. stands for name of the street where the protest took place under that, the Arabic word for freedom

5.2.2. created by @pyrovisky A master molotov cocktail maker

5.3. More information aboout both tattoos in this interview at Vice.com

5.4. first tatoo is by a female artist, the second tattoo is by a male artist

5.4.1. because Egyptian men and women need to work together to make the social/sexual revolution work

6. These are marks that Mona chose, to say:

6.1. my body is mine

6.1.1. I reclaim my body

6.1.2. I reclaim power over my body

6.1.3. I will not be silenced

6.2. but also, opening herself up to the light...

6.2.1. ...that enters trough the wound

6.2.2. "The wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi

7. we have many wounds in the Middle East and North Africa

7.1. 60 years of military ruling in Egypt

7.1.1. often supported by Western governments

7.1.2. and the US Administration

7.2. all our wounds are now potential entry points for the light

7.2.1. when we let the light enter especially in our hearts

7.2.2. thats the main healing that we we need

7.2.3. that's the way the revolution will succeed