The Rise of Christianity

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The Rise of Christianity by Mind Map: The Rise of Christianity

1. Religion Ruled Rome

1.1. Roman Gods

1.2. Emotion

1.3. Chrisitanity Grew

2. Life and Teachings of Jesus

2.1. Jesus of Nazareth

2.1.1. Jesus born around 5 b.c.

2.1.2. Raised in Bethelhem in Judea

2.1.3. Carpenter

2.2. Public Ministry

2.2.1. Preached, Taught, did good works

2.2.2. Jewish Tradition Single God

2.2.3. Princaples of 10 commandments

2.2.4. Stressed personal relationship with god

2.2.5. Love for god, Neighbors, Enemies and themselves

2.3. A Growing Movement

2.3.1. New Testement

2.3.2. Apostles 12 Gospels

2.3.3. Preached town to town

2.4. Jesus' Death

2.4.1. Visited Jerusalem Greeted as Messiah King The one said to Save the Jews

2.4.2. Accused of Teaching Blasphemy

2.4.3. Sentenced to be Crucified Nailed to a Wooden cross until Dead

2.4.4. Body put in tomb Gone 3 days later

2.4.5. Christos "Christianity

3. Christianity Spreads through the Empire

3.1. Followed his ideas

3.2. Paul's Mission

3.2.1. Paul was a jew who was enemys of christianity's developement.

3.3. Jewish Rebellion

3.3.1. In A.D. 66 a band of Jews rebelled agenst Rome.

3.3.2. The Jews rebelled again in A.D. 123.

3.4. Persecution of Christians

3.4.1. Christians refused o worship the Roman gods and that made problems with the Romans.

3.4.2. Pax Romana began to crumble, persecution of the christians intensified.

3.4.3. Christians were exiled, imprisoned, or executed for refusing the Roman Duties.

3.4.4. Some people were sacrifced for their beliefs.