The rise of Christianity

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The rise of Christianity by Mind Map: The rise of Christianity

1. Life and Teachings of Jesus

1.1. Roman Power spread to the home of the Jews around 63 B.C.

1.2. Rome took control of the Jewish Kingdom in 6 A.D.

1.3. 6-4 B.C. Jesus was born.

1.4. Jesus began his public ministry when he was 30.

1.5. The New Testament was written by Jesus and his 12 apostles.

1.6. Jesus was crucified for defying the authority of Rome.

1.7. After he died, he was placed in a tomb and was named the Messiah.

2. Christianty Spreads Through the Empire

2.1. The followers of Jesus continued to spread his ideas.

2.2. The Apostle Paul, had great influence on Christianity's development.

2.3. The Pax Romana, which made travel and the exchange of ideas fairly safe, provided the ideal conditions for Christianity to spread.

2.4. In 66 A.D. a band of Jews rebelled against Roman rule.

2.5. In 70 A.D. the Romans took over Jerusalem.

2.6. The Romans used Jews as scapegoats to get out of problems.

3. A World Religion

3.1. Christianity grew throughout Rome.

3.2. It grew fast because it embraced all people, gave hope to the powerless, offered a personal relationship to anyone, and promised eternal life after death.

3.3. In 312 A.D. the Roman emperor Constantine was fighting three rivals for leadership of Rome.

3.4. The first Pope was the father of the christian church.

3.5. all the leaders came together in 325 A.D. and wrote a Nicene Creed.

3.6. Augustine taught the humans that they needed the grace of God to be saved.