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aborigine by Mind Map: aborigine
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Cultural is very important and is shown through as an example; paintings, dances, body painting, dreamtime stories, rock art, bush medicine and bush food. Through non aboriginal's wanting to know of this culture tourism is growing and bringing in more money to be used to create more tourist activities.




body painting

dream time

rock art


Education is depending on where you live, can be either European or cultural or both. Which means can be, school of the air, class rooms, or out in the open such as the bush.Education is very important  as cultural education helps keep alive the aboriginal language and culture, through this culture money is brought into the communities through tourism.



stolen generation

Many aborigines are still feeling the affects of the stolen generation who have lost their culture, language and laws.


Communities are affected by alcohol which is one of the main causes of domestic abuse in the  family. Ways in which to help this problem would be ' dry' communities[no alcohol] another is tourism, which creates work and puts money back into the community.


domestic abuse


There is a lot of racisim in the wider community because a lot comes from not understanding the culture and from most people have only seen the  alcohol abuse. also the media can  play a huge part in adding more fuel to the fire.

law enforcement

Law enforcement comes from goverment, state and tribal. Some communities also have 'night patrol's' [ going out finding and looking after community members that have had to much to drink].




land rights

Land rights is an ongoing issue, the most famous one is the Eddie Marbo case.