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Tracking Software Paper Writing by Mind Map: Tracking Software Paper Writing
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Tracking Software Paper Writing

We can call this the La-Z-boy graph

Systematic error 1 is the head/back part of lay-z-boy

Systematic error 2 is the lower legs / feet

Good data comes from the seat of our pants

Let's label potential figures with a yellow flag


Possible References

Larry image simulation software

The AFM DNA contour-length measuring paper steve found

Felix Ruhnow, David Zwicker, Stefan Diez paper, if they have one

A snake contour paper, mentioning that we didn't implement it


Need to collect literature to cite!

Want to cite papers that would benefit from automated tracking



March 4 Ideas

Results on simulated images

Results on real data

Figures we may use (not yet filed in a section of paper)

Flow chart for software, similar to Degerman 2009 Figure 2

Problem examples

Good examples

Details of how it works

Flow chart a la Degerman

Image segmentation

Tracking (one at a time, not automated)

Speed calculation

Data storage


Haiqing and Gabe for kinesin


Other help with writing?

Prove it works

Simulated Images

Andy Data

All test data should go in webpub folders

How do I get it and use it?

Need a help text file

Need to decide on code repository. Google or SourceForge likely.

Need to include _all_ test data somehow. A zip file w/ heirarchy seems best.

Paper outline

SJK 3/8/10: We're still not sure how to outline the paper.