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Education by Mind Map: Education
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People who had education is every perform in the society. Making informed decisions requires a higher level of awareness.    


people need to work to survive especially to support the children.people have passion,ambitous,so that why they keep working hard .


money can help people to get  high education. government funding to the community to developethe service for people.


Is just an identify male or female. the community work dosen't matter who you are , you still get support of what you are doing.


Australia is multiculture. It is good to know people from different nationality. In the community provide the interpreter to help the people.


The state of being unemployment. Unemployment has been increased since financial crisis and many people lost their jobs which is a major problemin the society and community.


Every people must have a good health  to be stronger . In the community provide health assistant to help all the people .


Is about people to stay together in one roof. we all have connection and relationship.  

Community work

Community work occours across a range of services including information and advice, counselling,advocacy and support which is targeting an equally diverse range of people and areas of ineterest.


IT's important to build relationship with people as individiual or as a group. the action can make people realy on each other. in the community,we must a fair and trust.


in each society,it always have their own social movement and rule .the action make people follow and obey the way they treat .as a community worker we need to know the politice so we can provide them the fair opprotuninity .


Economic develope make people better life in the society .Economic and education is very connect to each other because when people have high education it makes the economy in the coutry muh more better .It affect to community by people got more job.


most people come from the difference religion. As a community worker we need to understand the way they believe and the way they act.