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How businesses can use Web 2.0 technology by Mind Map: How businesses can use Web 2.0 technology
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How businesses can use Web 2.0 technology

Creator:      Tanya Kruger Studentnr : 10180002 email :

Web services

Software systems make it easier for different systems to communicate, pass information or conduct transactions. -update inventory systems -search material, information, data and software


Aggregations of content from online services to create new services, for example using Google maps to identify locations.

Social Networking

social networking is used to asses skills, talents, knowledge. Companies use these systems internally to help identify experts.

Peer-to-peer networking

Music, video's, text passages can be shared. you can also retrieve gathering of data and assembling pieces of many machines


Collaborative publishing - online documents or discussions regarding your business.


Audio or video recording about business applications, data or related articles.


REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION: you can subscribe online to news, podcasts, blogs and information regarding your business.