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Tourism by Mind Map: Tourism

1. Tourist

1.1. People travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for more than 24 hours but not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes

2. Nature of tourist activities

2.1. Places of Scenic Beauty

2.1.1. Earth's natural environments (Awe inspiring Scenery) activities like mountaineering, hiking,cycling and swimming Honeypot Tourism (Attracts large amounts of people due to a site's scenic beauty) Domestic Example Singapore Botanic Gardens International Example Mount Fuji , Halong Bay

2.2. Places with Good Facilities

2.2.1. Meetings,Incentives,Conventions and Events facilities

2.2.2. Educational Facilities People travel to a location for educational purpose or to learn something about the place,such as its language or heritage

2.2.3. Medical and Health Facilities Medical Tourism is when ppl travel to a destination to undergo medical procedure that enhance or restore health Health Tourism is when ppl travel to a destination to maintain,enhance or restore their minds and bodies

2.2.4. Theme Parks Places with amusement park settings or are attractions that have a central subject or theme

2.3. Places with Rich Culture

2.3.1. Heritage Tourism Travel to locations to experience different cultures and to understand the history of the places better

2.3.2. Film-induced Tourism Travel to see locations featured in Films

2.3.3. Gourmet Food and shopping toursim Enjoy certain featured cuisines or to shop in locations

2.3.4. Pilgrimage Tourism Travel to take part in a religious activity

2.4. Places of Conflict

2.4.1. Dark Tourism Travelling to sites associated with death and tragedy

2.5. Space Tourism

2.5.1. Travel beyond the Earth's atmosphere into space

3. Types of Tourism

3.1. Domestic Tourism

3.1.1. Tourism within a tourist's own country g

3.2. International Toursim

3.2.1. Tourism outside a tourist's own country

4. Nature of Tourism in location includes

4.1. Topography

4.2. Climate

4.3. History

4.4. Investment in Facilities

5. Tourism can be affected by both natural and Human factors

5.1. Natural Factors

5.1.1. Type of landscapes

5.1.2. Climate

5.1.3. Weather

5.2. Human Factors

5.2.1. Cost of travelling

5.2.2. Effectiveness of Marketing

5.2.3. Quality of infrastructure

5.2.4. Different groups promote tourism Government Can influence number of visitors and length of stay, authorise air landings and allow building of facilities Directly involved in planning, funding and building infrastructure projects linked to tourism Set up agencies that devise strategies to promote tourism in the country Media Reports, depending on whether it is negative or positive,can encourage or discourage tourists in visiting a place International Organization A group of different countries work together for a common purpose Reports by these organisations can encourage or discourage tourists in visiting a place Travel Witness People who visit and write reviews about places They evaluate the destination for readers with regards to the type of accommodation, transport and food available