This is a class project for analyzing the term "Housework". Students will add broader, narrower and "see also" terms for housework to complete the map. When complete, this concept map will provide us with a guide for researching this topic.

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Housework by Mind Map: Housework

1. Managing Housework

1.1. Organizing

1.1.1. Reduce Clutter by throwing out things you don't need (JK) Divide the room you are cleaning into sections, such as halfs or even fourths, then clean one part at a time, making sure to get each section completley clean before moving on to the next one (LS)

1.2. Delegating (JK)

1.3. Make a chart with each household members name, time, & chore to do (MH)

1.4. Do thorough cleaning on the weekends and spto cleaning during the week. (SH)

2. Examples

2.1. Dusting, vacuuming, laundry, washing dishes, mopping (MH)

2.2. Cleaning windows, Clean Bathrooms- bathtub, sink, floors, toilet, etc. (SH)

3. Tools for Housework

3.1. Cleaning Supplies (JK)

3.1.1. Keep laundry basket to put things in that need to be put away (MH)

3.1.2. keep a set of cleaning supplies for each floor of the house (JK)

4. Tips and Tricks

4.1. add 1/4c of vinegar to laudry to get sour smell out of towels (MH)

4.2. Use lemon & salt w/crushed ice to clean stains from coffee pot (MH)

4.3. Add liquid fabric softener to air conditioner to freshen air in summertime (MH)

4.4. Use white vinegar on a soft cloth, to clean water spots on sink (LS)

4.5. Add 1/2 cup of ammonia to a bucket of warm water to remove wax build-up on linoleum floors (LS)

4.6. take fabric sheet and wipe over furniture to remove pet hair and dust. (SH)

4.7. Make your own fabric freshener mix 1 part fabric softener to 2 parts water in a spray bottle. (SH)