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Chap. 4 Marketing on the Web by Mind Map: Chap. 4 Marketing on the Web
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Chap. 4 Marketing on the Web

Web Marketing Strategies

Product-Based Marketing Strategy

Customer-Based Strategy


Marketing mix

Four P's of Marketing

Market Segmentation

Behavior Segmentation

Occasion Segmentation

Aquisition Cost


Conversion Cost

Retention Cost

Banner Ad

Click Stream


Rational Branding

Communicating with Different Market Segments

Trust and Media Choice

Market Segmentation

Offering Customers a choice on the Web

Customer Behavior and Relationship Intensity

Segmentation using Customer Behavior

Customer Relationship Intensity

Customer Loyalty Properties Model

Advertising on the Web (all about communication

Banner Ads

Other Web Ad Formats

E-mail Marketing

Permission Marketing

Combining Content and Advertising

Outsourcing E-mail Processing

Creating and Maintaining Brands on the Web

Elements of Branding

Brand Leveraging Strategies

Costs of Branding

Affiliate Strategies

Viral Marketing Strateiges