Drought Project Ideas

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Drought Project Ideas by Mind Map: Drought Project Ideas

1. research water sources and uses in CA

1.1. kids make their own data charts from their reserach

1.2. kids write persuasive letters to public

1.3. kids present findings at local city town meetings

1.4. http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/statistics/

1.5. agriculture largest contributor in states

1.5.1. Valdida Farms https://plus.google.com/106444476723963897571/about?hl=en

1.5.2. Carlsbad Strawberry Fields http://www.carlsbadstrawberrycompany.com/

1.5.3. what are better ways to water our plants?

2. launch

2.1. map of nation

2.2. show images of CA lakes 2010 and 2014

2.3. bring kids to a local reservoir?

2.3.1. fieldwork

3. product ideas

3.1. grey water system

3.2. rainbarrels?

3.3. urban farming

3.4. plant towers

3.4.1. hydroponics pretty expensive with pump...

3.4.2. pyramid towers volume/area/perimeter

3.5. Low-water garden/landscaping

3.6. Water management plan to present to law makers

3.7. Water purifying systems for homes

4. math

4.1. probability? creative probability stories of water drought..what happens if you use too much ____...?

4.1.1. Or like choose your own adventure to conserve water..what would you do if ____, learn ways to conserve more water based on your choices? you just wasted 6.5 gallons of water because ____.

4.2. Calculate the water needs of California based on different factors. How much do we use now? What if we did this or that? Is there a way to use only the water that we have? How much is actually available per person per day?

4.3. Fractions/Percents: what portion of this water source has dried up? what percent of SD residents depend on this water source? etc..

5. literature

5.1. dilemma

5.1.1. http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/07/15/water-use-in-california-increases-amid-severe-drought/

5.1.2. http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/07/15/water-use-in-california-increases-amid-severe-drought/

5.2. Read futuristic Eco stories that speculate what our world will be like without water or after increased effects of climate change

5.3. Read about how other countries manage their water resources

5.4. Read about other countries that are in water crisis.

6. resources for students

6.1. national geographic water wiz test for kids http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/games/puzzlesquizzes/water-wiz/

7. Field work

7.1. Visit local natural water systems, learn about their current, past and possible future

7.2. Sierra Nevada - learn about glaciers

7.3. Visit a reservoir. They are all SO LOW! (Possible launch?) what will we do?

7.4. Visit a water treatment facility

7.5. Enjoy some fresh water sports! White water rafting? What is a river supposed to look like? Compare to modern day Colorado River and San Diego River.

7.6. Go backpacking or camping in a place where you have to pack in or pump your own water.

8. Science and SS

8.1. Understand the water cycle. Where does our fresh water come from? What happens when we use it?

8.2. Understand the impact of climate change on our water resources. What happens as glaciers shrink?

8.2.1. Cause/Effect: what happens when... (e.g., animals' survival)

8.3. Track your own water use for a day or week. What did you miss or not even know used water?

8.4. Dilemma: should we live here?

8.4.1. Where does our water come from?

8.4.2. Is it sustainable for so many people to live here? how many people live here?

8.5. Collect water quality information over time at different natural water sites

9. Experts

9.1. Rangers- Maybe Skype with rangers who work in parks with main rivers or glaciated land/water ways

9.2. Interview employees of local water districts- collect stats

9.3. Interview and get critique from raught tolerant lanscapers or local companies

9.4. 10th grade HTH Chula Vista Students for water purifying water fountains at school

9.5. Bryan Barry HTeCV Engineering teacher students build water purifying systems